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Samsung SCX-6345N Driver Download. I have the device now 1 year and am quite satisfied. The so often complained noise in the printing (and the 5 minutes after, in which the fan still runs) are available, but do not disturb me massively. You can live with it. What I can not live, however, is the lack of support from Samsung. This is especially the driver support under Mac OS X. First I have the device under Tiger 10.4.9 and 10.4.10 operated. I then upgraded to Leopard and had to determine that the drivers (although on the homepage marked as Leopard compatible) do not work.

Samsung SCX-6345N Printer Driver Download

After 3 months of waiting, there were finally the Leopard drivers. The next problem occurred since Apple released Leopard 10.5.3 and 10.5.4. Since then, the printer has stopped working. Now the game starts from the front. The problem is known to Samsung, but a solution has not been available for 3 months (as of July 2008). I have spoken with Samsung, because on their homepage still stands the Mac OS X 10.3-10.5 is completely carefree supported.


Samsung SCX-6345N Software Driver Download

Samsung SCX-6345N Driver Download

Download Printer Driver Samsung SCX-6345N
This is in fact wrong and has not been corrected yet. I am aware that this is a relatively special problem, however, I found the note important, because everyone will annoy the now the device ordered and then establishes that there is no working drivers. Samsung has suggested to me, incidentally, an operating system downgrade. Apart from the fact that it is quite complex to impossible to simply undo two security updates of an operating system, it is not in my interest to work with open security leaks in the operating system.

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Download Driver Printer Samsung SCX-6345N
The Samsung introduces new printer / scanner drivers on its homepage (dated to 11.09.2008) . However, nothing has changed with the compatibility with the Mac OS X: 10.5.1 / 10.5.2 are supported, 10.5.3 / 10.5.4 NOT. An inquiry with the customer service, which is now changed at all, can not be answered. Likewise one can not explain to me, why on the homepage stands as before, that 10.5 would be completely supported. It is only pointed out that the homepage is supposed to be managed directly from Korea.


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