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Samsung SCX-4828FN Driver Download. I bought this Samsung SCX-4828FN about 2 years ago and installed in the domestic network. Both business and private requirements have all been met. The Samsung SCX-4828FN installation and the subsequent maintenance (ie replacement of the toner cartridges) is easy. The device could be easily reached by all computers in the network without large IP battles. The setup of the device differed on different operating systems, but each corresponded to the habits of the users. So under Windows installation of a driver suite, which also provides the advanced functionalities, under Linux simple driver installation (also as PostScript printer) without frills. The operation of the device is also possible without a long study of the manual.
Samsung SCX-4828FN Printer Driver Download
It is also possible to scan and send faxes with little effort. Sure, you have to get used to the changed menu structure and operation (as with all new devices), but after two weeks of use you can control the individual steps in your sleep. Especially worth mentioning is the quiet running of the device and although one hears in silent environments a permanent basic noise, but the pressure itself is only insignificantly louder and a LaserMFP halt. The duplex printing can save a lot of paper just in combination with the printing of several pages on one sheet.
Samsung SCX-4828FN Software Driver Download
Samsung SCX-4828FN Driver Download

Download Printer Driver Samsung SCX-4828FN
To this day I have nothing to exchange on the device except the toner cartridge. And since the printer over time caused all local devices to be absurd, the equipment park was also greatly reduced. Practically. The ADF should also have A6 paper but he can not. I was recommended by Samsung SCX-4828FN with 2. Paper which I also bought. The device can not use A6 in the ADF also does not recognize the format in the software. You can switch to a different paper chute only by checking through 9 items in the menu (Menu to System Setup, then Paper Setup, then Paper Feed, then Copy Tray, then Select Tray and confirm with OK, then press Scanner Press the copier again to make it go faster, and then the whole thing back again!)
Download Driver Printer Samsung SCX-4828FN
And is thus not fast times evenly possible. Furthermore, the device has a software error. If, however, the paper shredder 2 has been set for the fax, the transmission reports are further taken from paper shake 1. This can not be changed either! Furthermore, the software for an extra network device with extra network specification for scanning in the network can only be installed on a PC, this is not pointed out!
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