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Samsung SCX-4623FN Driver Download. This Samsung SCX-4623FN is a networkable all-rounder for smaller offices. With its integrated fax module, the SCX-4623FN from Samsung is the perfect all-rounder for small offices or home users with a relatively high monthly throughput. The laser printer can be operated and configured over the network. It was particularly pleasing for many users, who already have the printer at home, the extremely simple and problem-free network installation, and also under Apple OS and / or Linux seems to make the device no zips. But also from a technical point of view, buyers are hardly likely to be disappointed by the SCX-4623FN. The compact laser printer is especially designed for text and text / graphics combinations, and as many tests have shown in recent months, the print quality of the few laser printers in the price class of the SCX-4623FN has now become somewhat more difficult.

Samsung SCX-4623FN Printer Driver Download
You can also be curious about how the SXC-4623FN will be able to beat the tests in photos, especially since in this discipline some lasers have slightly reduced the formerly sensitive gap to the inkjet, if not yet. The Samsung SCX-4623FN printing speed, on the other hand, is relatively high with a maximum of 22 pages per minute, and it would be particularly gratifying if the SCX-4623FN actually turned out to be a particularly quiet laser printer, as Samsung announced. In this respect, however, no tests / experience reports are available. Before the original manufacturer price, this SCX-4623FN has already reduced about one sixth.

Samsung SCX-4623FN Software Driver Download
Samsung SCX-4623FN Driver Download

Download Printer Driver Samsung SCX-4623FN
The multifunctional laser printer is currently available for around 227 euros Amazon an attractive price for the laser printer, which is also quite attractive. The printer is small and makes exactly what I bought it for. The software for the scanner is particularly worth mentioning. It provides a good quality and is excellently operable. The printer works fast and is also noisy. Negative is the odor of printing, for the price I have. What I find absolutely cheeky: in the software is a limited life built-in. This means that, after a defined number of printing pages, error messages appear which prevent the printing even though the hardware is completely error-free.

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Download Driver Printer Samsung SCX-4623FN
Also the exchange of the cartridge and a resetting of the page number do not change anything. The error will of course only occur after the guarantee has expired. For example, these devices enlarge the garbage dumps and the richness of Samsung. Since this has happened to me for the second time, there is only one solution: buy higher-quality devices from another manufacturer. This protects money bags, nerves and the environment.

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