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Samsung SCX-4500W Driver Download. The Samsung SCX-4500W splendid multifunction printer with WLAN. Yes, the Samsung has now also equipped its popular multifunction printer SCX-4500 with WLAN functionality. The Samsung SCX-4500W fits even more into modern offices, whether at home or in the business. With his piano-lacquer look he would make a good figure even in the living room. This Samsung SCX-4500W multifunctional printers are indisputably the top products on the current printer market.
Samsung SCX-4500W Printer Driver Download
However, most manufacturers neglect the design of the devices, the market prevails largely an optically cloudy monotony. Samsung, on the other hand, has opened new doors with the SCX-4500W, and the company should be grateful for this. However, the elegant design comes at a price: just below 300 euros are at amazon currently still have to shell out for the novelty. The older model without wireless functionality, however, is already for 200 euros to have. So it is important to consider whether the wireless convenience is really worth the extra charge.
Samsung SCX-4500W Software Driver Download
Samsung SCX-4500W Driver Download

Download Printer Driver Samsung SCX-4500W
The positive: design, speed, volume, printer result and all in order and as announced by the manufacturer. Also the WLAN device went fixed and the part now hangs stable in the home network. The sensitivity of the sensor buttons is correct. Negative: The Scanmanager is not very intuitive (Scan * direct * to PDF and other formats is possible after some configuration work). What surprised me a bit.
Download Driver Printer Samsung SCX-4500W
The device has a \”Scan-To-PC\” button, which means you can scan pages one at a time and then find them on the PC again. That folds however only over USB! The PC / laptop must therefore stand directly next to the printer. Samsung Support wrote to me: \”The Scan To PC function is not supported via the WLAN interface of the SCX-4500W\”. What goes over WLAN is to start single scan jobs and then to run between PC and printer back and forth. Keep fit! So if you expect to WLAN larger scan projects to be handled, it should again be superior or a USB connection.
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