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Samsung SCX-4200 Driver Download. The Samsung SCX-4200 printer has good dimensions, but high ink consumption and high printing costs, also poor customer service. The compact design Samsung SCX-4200 and the favorable price have led me to buy this printer. Meanwhile, I regret it and can only advise against the purchase. At first I found the printer is ok and not outstanding, but the price reasonable (satisfactory). My criticisms at this stage have already been mentioned by others such volume, jams, but soon after about 300 copies, the Samsung SCX-4200 printer has produced increasingly stripes.
Samsung SCX-4200 Printer Driver Download
I have the printer complained about the dealer and received from the contract workshop as cleaned and cleaned with the same strip as before. Then I contacted Samsung. What Samsung has done, scoffs at any description. First, different data (serial number, etc) were queried and not even, but several times and partly by fax rather than Internet. Afterwards, I was told that this would probably be at the toner although at that time according to the system data list of the printer had just made 400 copies and not the promised 1000 pages.
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Samsung SCX-4200 Driver Download

Download Printer Driver Samsung SCX-4200
When I pointed out this fact, I was initially told that this page number was only for a coverage of 5% (but 300-400 pages?) And next time, that the toner cartridge was not given a 2-year warranty as with the printer (which, however, on the warranty card is not.) On my last request, whether Samsung already had to fix the problems under warranty or goodwill, Samsung required 3 reminders, and more than 6 weeks for a response. From goodwill, you are ready to look at the printer cartridges, I may send them in. I finally gave up spending more time and money in this venture, but I am sure: never again Samsung!
Download Driver Printer Samsung SCX-4200
I have highly pleased the unit for over a year in operation and bin. The print image for text printing is 1a. The speed (also for the first page) is good. The scannengine works perfectly. The operation is very easy. The disadvantage is certainly the somewhat clattery processing of the device and the low capacity of the supplied toner, but this is not to be expected in this price class. For home users who only occasionally print, scan and copy, and can do without color, there is in my opinion no more suitable device.
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