Download Driver Samsung ProXpress C4062FX

Samsung ProXpress C4062FX Driver Download. With this Samsung ProXpress C4062FX printer you can easily accelerate your printing speed with the 1.5GHz quad-core processor. Reach your corporate goals with the Samsung ProXpress C4062FX with up to 5GB of memory and the industry\’s first 1.5GHz dual-core processor faster. The Samsung ProXpress C4062FX system-on-chip technology promises a strong performance with printing speeds of up to 40 pages per minute. With scanning up to 60 images per minute (ipm) with the automatic document feeder with Dual-Sanner (DSDF).
Samsung ProXpress C4062FX Printer Driver Download
This Samsung ProXpress C4062FX has an automatic document feeder with dual scanner (DSDF), which allows for extraordinary scanning speeds. This technology promises outstanding scanning speeds of up to 40 one-sided images per minute and 60 double-sided images per minute. You can enhance your graphics quality with the ReCP (Rendering Engine for Clean Pages) technology. Blurred prints are unprofessional. Samsung ReCP technology improves print quality by refining small text and thin lines. The Samsung ProXpress C4062FX promises a vibrant color saturation with precise and clear details for better resolution.
Samsung ProXpress SL-C4062FX Software Driver Download
Download Driver Samsung ProXpress C4062FX

Download Printer Driver Samsung ProXpress C4062FX
Samsung ProXpress C4062FX hal also the Smart UX Center is the first Android based user interface for printers, with an open and constantly growing ecosystem of apps and widgets. It has been developed to increase labor productivity. The Smart UX Center offers exceptional enhancements to improve printer performance and create a smarter working environment. The printer Samsung ProXpress C4062FX is equipped with an interactive 7 \”infrared color touch screen, which allows you to access the Smart UX Center. You can move apps and widgets anywhere on the screen, even with a pen or glove.
Download Driver Printer Samsung ProXpress C4062FX
The larger toner capacities mean lower costs in the long run. With rich toner cartridges, the Samsung ProXpress C4062FX is able to handle large print jobs with a quantity of 15,000 sheets in black and white or 10,000 sheets in color. Durable consumables reduce maintenance and personnel costs. Specified application rate according to ISO / IEC 19798. Easy to increase your productivity with the Samsung ProXpress C4062FX printer. With an extremely high capacity of 2,250 sheets, it is predestined for large printing processes of business documents. The Samsung ProXpress C4062FX reduces the overall energy consumption in standby mode even in sleep mode.
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