Download Driver Samsung ML-2545

Samsung ML-2545 Driver Download. At first I had a hard time switching to a laser printer in SW, because I had an inkjet printer, with which I could also print CDs and photos. But I have only a little printed, so that the ink is always dried up. Therefore, I leave the photos, they are moderately so cheap, in my shop around the corner. The Samsung ML-2545 prints are wonderful for me in all areas and never more clogged printing plates, here it does not matter that I am little printer. I think that I would buy the device again, especially since the paper cassette is protected in the device sits and I can take my print on the top without I have to open many flaps, so that the printing can begin. The included CD for Samsung ML-2545 drivers and easyPrintManager was bent and I could not use the printer immediately and with the software from the Samsung homepage went then but everything perfect and uncomplicated!

Samsung ML-2545 Printer Driver Download
The duplex printing works for me against some reviews without problems. The predicted 1000 pages, which the factory-built toner is to reach, however, it has by far not reached. Although the toner level is displayed at 30%, the printer has only started to print from page 600 onwards, but it is still shady and blurred. Nevertheless, I find that its reliability and the 600 printed pages are definitely worth it! Great value for money! The Samsung ML-2545 came quickly to me, punctual to the semester start. It was quickly installed, but I had to download the driver via the Samsung website, because I have a netbook and could not start with the supplied CD.

Samsung ML-2545 Software Driver Download
Samsung ML-2545 Driver Download

Download Printer Driver Samsung ML-2545
This Samsung ML-2545 printer was set up within <30min and worked from the beginning without problems , I have not been so long yet. What for me the reasons for this printer were: cheap device, cheap replacement toner, supposedly very productive. Makes an optical good impression. The print quality is more delicate and accurate compared to a color laser. It is printed a beautiful black with clean lines. I have a color laser beside it and documents in black/white suffice see with the Samsung better than with the color laser (also Samsung CLP-300). Printing speed is sufficient even if you print 20 pages at the same time.

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Download Driver Printer Samsung ML-2545
The only downside, if this Samsung ML-2545 is warm, it smells quite, therefore no 5 stars. I have long thought about what a printer I should buy. I am a student, so I print quite a lot at the beginning and towards the end of the semester but in the meantime relatively rare. With my last color cartridge printer I had therefore always the problem that the cartridges dried me. The choice fell on the Samsung, since it has an excellent price-performance ratio. The printer prints very accurately and quite quickly. The ideal entry-level model for a laser printer nowadays.

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