Download Driver Samsung ML-2245

Samsung ML-2245 Driver Download. This Samsung ML-2245 printer arrived on the 27th: fast delivery, therefore, for a fairly voluminous package. I chose a monochrome laser because I mainly print text; Also because I have for two years (in an apartment under the roof – important detail) a Samsung ML-1640 which I am very happy with. It is exposed to a rather strong heat in summer, it sometimes remains without printing for nearly two months but I find it always ready to print (original toner). With the inkjet that I had before in the same place, I had to replace cartridges hardly started which had clogged (even the alcohol to 90 could not do anything). The phenomenon is known. I also attended the house. The Samsung ML-2245 will be used every day.

Samsung ML-2245 Printer Driver Download
I ran through the manual before launching and I noticed that you should not use \”photo paper\” or \”coated paper\” as this could damage the printer. It\’s good to know at the start but the information is too discreet in the doc, we could miss it. So, do not buy this printer thinking that we will print good black-and-white photos (but what about other brands?) Pity we discover these details only when we have the complete doc !). In Windows Vista installation is easy. As often, the printer\’s instructions prompt to click \”cancel\” when Windows announces that it will search for a driver for the new device, and then launch the Samsung CD.

Samsung ML-2245 Software Driver Download
Samsung ML-2245 Driver Download

Download Printer Driver Samsung ML-2245
The Samsung ML-2245 printing is very correct and fast. Do not be put off by the price of the toner cartridge of laser printers in general (very competitive price for Samsung): you probably spend more in two replacements of inkjet cartridges! And you may not be long with these! Of course, the printer comes with its toner cartridge, which is in a welded plastic envelope. As with inkjet cartridges, do not leave the toner in the open for too long before placing it in the printer. This Samsung ML-2245 is compact and of the size exactly for occasional private use, also the operation is simple, however, the paper tray is to be enjoyed with caution, all parts are made of thin plastic and have a fragile feel, but you should not pay the price for the device to forget.

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Download Driver Printer Samsung ML-2245
The Samsung ML-2245 printer result I would for a device of this price class as very good, both with documents as well as with the photoprint. The only problem I had so far is the included software. So I was not able to install the printer under Windows 8. There was always the message \”An error has occurred during the installation of the program.\” I have downloaded and installed the universal driver on the Samsung homepage for all printers and windows systems, so it works. Therefore, my quick review, if other buyers should have the same problem.

Download Driver Samsung ML-2245 for LINUX
Download Driver Samsung ML-2245 for Mac OS X 10.4/10.5/10.6/10.7/10.8
Download Driver Samsung ML-2245 for WINDOW 8/7/VISTA/XP/2000 (32/64-bit)

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