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Samsung ML-1670 Driver Download. The Samsung ML-1670 is a small laser printer for little money. For who only want to print in S / W, especially texts, Samsung will soon offer a suitable monochrome laser printer. The ML-1670 printer does not score with a minimum footprint, but also costs just under 80 euros and is, at least with a moderate pressure, even in the maintenance comparatively modest. The new Samsung printer has the distinctive feature that it does not want to be particularly noticeable.
Samsung ML-1670 Printer Driver Download
This applies in particular to its dimensions, which attribute the attribute \”smallest presently available laser printer\” to the laser with a width of 341 millimeters, a depth of 184 millimeters and a height of 224 millimeters. Even on small desks should find a place for the device. But even in operation, the printer tries to be as inconspicuous as possible and therefore does its work with a noise level of just under 50 dB (A) and this is also a record suspicious value. Despite its small size, the printer can be filled with the standard 150-sheet capacity, with 100-sheet capacity in the output tray and enough to print even larger paperwork or templates in one slide.
Samsung ML-1670 Software Driver Download
Samsung ML-1670 Driver Download

Download Printer Driver Samsung ML-1670
The user has to calculate about one minute of waiting per 16 pages, which means that the laser sets a fairly fast tempo. The paper itself, on the other hand, can be quite robust with a maximum of 163 g / m². The Samsung ML-1670 connection to the PC is only via USB, in networks it can not be integrated, duplicate printings, in turn, have to be done manually. With the help of a software that Samsung has been offering for a long time, it is also possible to print web pages completely or in parts at the push of a button, a quite practical function as it is more comfortable than a screenshot.
Download Driver Printer Samsung ML-1670
Theoretically costs an A4 page around 4 cents, the printing costs are therefore acceptable and roughly with the already deliverable and equally tiny for moderate print volumes Samsung ML-1660 compare of just over 50 euros in Amazon even less Costs as the new entry. Since the older one has already been certified in tests by an \”above-average\”, it is an attractive alternative for customers who can accept low print speed reductions. But the new one will probably get good test results and the cost is also something soon under the currently estimated 80 euro slip in Amazon, also completely in black as Samsung ML-1675 at Amazon available slip.
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