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Samsung CLP-610ND Driver Download. The Samsung CLP-610ND black and white printing is fast and sharp. This can be my old black and white laser printer just as well. But the Samsung can also color printing! But, the Samsung CLP-610ND color printing shows problems, since the four colors are offset to each other in a minimally offset manner. Example: Letter B inside red and a black contour line. The line does not lie on the edge of B, but visibly offset. This is bad! The Samsung CLP-610ND resolution of the color print is visibly rastered. While the approximately 3 year old HP 5550hdn only 600dpi prints prints, which can hardly be distinguished from the quality of a photo print, the Samsung has printing problems: Despite alleged higher resolution the photos are clearly and as in the beginnings of the newspaper color printing.
Samsung CLP-610ND Printer Driver Download
For photo prints the printer seems less suitable, but only for sketches and graphics. Pity! The Samsung CLP-610ND duplex unit applies the paper on the short side. As a result, transverse lines are displaced staggered on the front and rear sides. This is annoying when you want to have a book bound and the lines in the header and footer are not at similar height but visibly offset in about 2 mm.
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Samsung CLP-610ND Driver Download

Download Printer Driver Samsung CLP-610ND
A Din A3 printer can turn the paper on the long side, so that such lines are basically the same. It would be a good idea to adjust the length of the paper at the samsung. Driver problem: In the header I had a cross-line of a red and a black crossbar. In duplex printing, this line was twice as thick on the front as on the back. This problem existed when I directly printed from Word. When printing from PDF, this problem did not exist. On other printers this problem did not exist at all. So I guess a driver problem. Since MS Office is often used, Samsung should fix the problem quickly!
Download Driver Printer Samsung CLP-610ND
Each of the 4 toners has a chip that refuses to print, depending on the range of the toner. It may be that the toner would still print hundreds of pages. With the purchase of the toner, Samsung earned its rolls, hence this compulsion to purchase new toner. It is clear, of course, that you as a customer would like to buy your toner again when it is used up, it saves money and protects the environment. This should also be possible with knifes. For this the chip in the toner must be reset. If the subject is interested, google go to \”fixyourownprinter from samsung\”.
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