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Samsung CLP-300 Driver Download. Although not a release, for the time that Samsung CLP-300 is it still leaves much to be desired. The problems that it appeared, were not only the performance of features, but also the final quality that it presented. The TechTudo tested the CLP-300. The Samsung CLP-300 design is pretty basic. A white box and \”boxy\” without many attractive, giving the impression that came to meet your printer paper only. And is this really what she does.
Samsung CLP-300 Printer Driver Download
If you are looking for a laser printer at a reasonable price and small, you think. Like any laser printer, it consumes more energy than the inkjet. So if you are using a surge protector, buy one that is capable of withstanding a load of at least 500W continuously, the load off of your computer. The problem is that if you do not have the stabilizer, you will save money with the printer, you will spend with the the stabilizer. The pages print so that it is not so slow, and the quality is also not sensational. Mainly because it is a Samsung, expect a lot more than the results that she actually provided.

Samsung CLP-300 Software Driver Download
Download Driver Samsung CLP-300

Download Printer Driver Samsung CLP-300
The black and white prints, the quality did better than colored ones. These came out with some granules on the image and some distortions, ie, if you work with or need always print photos will not be ideal. Already in impresões PB, images came out a little grainy, too, but did not leave any page with blots, during our testing period. In the same period, the printer held a certain amount of papers, which impairs their performance. A nice feature of the Samsung CLP-300 is the USB interface.

Download Driver Printer Samsung CLP-300
If you want a printer do heavy work, the Samsung CLP-300 is not the most appropriate. Even more than the toner consumption is very high. From what we can repair, it consumes a lot of ink on your prints. You still find the Samsung CLP-300 around R $ 350.00. Currently, there are other printers that meet the same promised for it with quality similar or better and the price ítem. It\’s worth taking some research before making a purchase.
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