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Samsung CJX1000 Driver Download. The Samsung CJX-1000 is the first domestic inkjet printer. Samsung is now entering the business with inkjet printers. The company, however, which has so far been exclusively based on laser printers, has not developed its own development for the CJX-1000, but is focusing on Kodak\’s printing technology. The printer itself represents the basic model within a trio and is accordingly simply equipped. All three printers from Samsung are multifunctional devices that target consumers and are therefore not very expensive to purchase. The adoption of Kodak printing technology promises good print quality, both for text and photos.
Samsung CJX1000 Printer Driver Download
It is also very interesting for end users whether the Samsung models will bring another outstanding quality of the Kodak printers, namely their low ink consumption. Although both manufacturers rely on multiple cartridges with three chambers for one color each, which must be replaced if one chamber is empty. Even so, even the simple Kodak models from the low-budget range score in tests again and again with the lowest ink consumption and it would be very pleasing if the Samsung models would show a similar economy.
Samsung CJX1000 Software Driver Download
Samsung CJX1000 Driver Download

Download Printer Driver Samsung CJX-1000
The basic model of the trio, the 1000, does not offer much comfort. For example, it does not have a network connection and does not have to deal with the two-sided printing or the automatic feeding of the document stack. For this, he waits with a card reader, so scans can be sent not only to the PC, but also on memory cards. The paper cassette is open, has space for 100 sheets plus 20 sheets of photo paper, the print resolution is quite high.
Download Driver Printer Samsung CJX-1000
The scanning unit also fulfills the expectations for the house use, in terms of the printing speed, the Samsung with 7 and 4.6 pages per minute (realistic ISO values) also no nakedness. The software includes, in addition to the compulsory image processing tools, a 3D print function, which was taken over by Kodak. Visually, the printer resembles the simple laser models from Samsung, with approximately 42 times 31 by 17 centimeters it falls nicely compact.
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