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Roccat Vulcan TKL Gaming Keyboard Drivers Download. I am a person who has been using Roccat products for a long time since the early stages. This time, I bought Vulcan 120 and 121 and wrote what I thought about using them. I hope it helps.

Roccat Vulcan TKL Drivers & Test

For now, I think it\’s a unique design. In particular, the size of the key is the same size as Cherry, but the keycap is shallow and thin, so when you hit the key, you can directly feel the recoil of the spring of the Titan switch. I\’ve used it for a lot of games and typing, including the Logitech G910, Roccat Ryos Mk pro, Bloody, Apex M800, early Razer Blackwidow, Tournament, Chroma v2, Corsair K65, K70, Saitek, etc. However, there was no gap between the keys (hand size: palm width about 10 cm, wrist to middle finger tip length about 19 cm), which made me feel cramped and hot. It was difficult to clean.

However, I liked to use the r910 and Mk Ryos Pro because the keys themselves were a little big. Vulcan keycaps are smaller than cherries in width compared to all of the above keyboards, so typos will be noticeable if you don\’t type your finger near the surface of the keycap or after placing it. However, because this keycap is small, it is easy for dust to collect. But at the same time, it can be easily cleaned with a cotton swab.

The space between the keys is very effective and prevents stuffiness. I also especially like the volume control knob. It\’s a knob like the one on an old radio, and it\’s useful because it responds well when you turn it. The palm rest has a built-in magnet and clicks into the main body. However, if you use the W, A, S, and D keys often, they will come off occasionally. The magnet on the left side of the palm rest may be weak.

Roccat Vulcan TKL Software Download

I mentioned earlier that it prevents the hands from getting stuffy, but instead, it seems that the inside of the key is easily damp. Frequently used Q, W, E, R, F, A, S, D. Starting with the D key, it stopped responding about 3 months after I purchased it. At this time, I removed the cap and tried pouring Sanhayato\’s contact cleaning agent into the gap once (while pressing the key with a cotton swab). After that, I put the cap back on, hit a lot of keys, waited until it was a little dry, and then used it, and it worked. It still works this way. I noticed this problem long after.

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The reason was that when I removed the cap and cleaned the area around the key switch with a cotton swab, a slight amount of condensation was visible through the transparent surface of the switch. I think it is deterioration due to the metal contacts. The design is unique, such as the brilliance of RGB due to the unique gap, but it seems that durability is sacrificed. The reaction speed of the Titan switch (in the case of Vulcan 120) is faster than the Razer Chroma V2 yellow axis (experienced about 0.5 seconds), rather the Logitech R910 spectrum (omron tactile) and Apex M800 (QS1 switch). Is close to. It feels like putting one tempo on the Corsair silver axis, reacts much faster than the black axis, and is not deeper than the Cherry red axis, so you can hit the keys with plenty of time. Because it is a tactile, you can feel the recoil of keystrokes properly.

The difference from Vulcan 121 is that the Actuation point is 1.4mm compared to 1.8mm of 120, and the keystroke recoil is thin like the Cherry red axis. However, this difference of 0.4mm is sensationally large, and it exerted its power because of its reaction speed, especially when the latency in online games is slightly high. CSGO, L4D, I often play eSports such as LoL and Age of Empires online, but due to the location of the server, the latency often exceeds 100ms (Au Hikari 1Gbps, mainly via Singapore and Germany servers). I think that the experience of this is different depending on the person, so it is just for reference. In the case of Fortnite etc., I think that Cherry silver axis is better, but probably because of my main job (not a game, lol) that uses fingers often, it is strong to some extent and reacts with a margin of comma millimeter when hitting keys.

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I like the Roccat Vulcan TKL switch that does. However, I\’m a little worried about the small, bouncy finish of the spring after the key is pressed. Regarding typing, in my case, 120 had an average of 87 WPM and there were almost no mistakes, and 121 had an average of 108 WPM and made more than 1% of the total. The sight of RGB light leaking between your fingers while typing is not bad.

Roccat Vulcan TKL Utility

About the Roccat Vulcan TKL software-It\’s a lean, traditional interface, not very trendy graphics-focused. It will be easier to understand once you get used to it, and updates will come out frequently for improvement. However, sometimes the software freezes, or it closes behind me without knowing it. It seems that there is a problem with the AIMO system that operates the RGB light, whether it is incompatible with antivirus software or Windows 10. By the way, we are using Norton 360.

The primary purpose of purchasing the 120 and 121 is a subtle scoop of both Travel Distances, the distance that the key can be pressed and the Actuation point (the distance between the press and the key\’s response). It was to experience the adjustment. I\’m generally satisfied, but the lack of durability I mentioned earlier is a major concern. Also, I wonder if it will get stuck someday, which is a big reason why I lowered the star by two. It is also a product that is not very cheap. Other than the palm rest, there is nothing to collect. I don\’t own Apex Pro and Topre yet (I was thinking about Topre while wandering around for about 3 hours. Lol) I can\’t compare, but I can get an optical switch soon.

Windows Roccat Vulcan TKL Drivers Download & Manual PDF

Roccat Vulcan TKL – Quick Install Guide PDF Download

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