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Roccat Kain 200 Driver Download for Windows Gaming Mouse. First of all, I think that it is due to individual differences, but the difference in left and right click feeling is large. I also own Kain 120, but this is also a disposition that I had to return twice. This is the second Kain 200, but both left clicks are like sponge (the click feel is not crisp, it is light and the reaction is not good), and both right clicks were okay.

Roccat Kain 200 Drivers, Software & Test

After opening the box, we recommend that you first try the sensitivity of this click. As I posted in the image, one of the reasons for this is probably that the switch on the right button is tilted a little, while the direction of the left button is parallel to the switch.

Also, although this Chinese-made OMRON switch has a wide range of click sensitivities, it is difficult to understand why every company continues to use this dung-like switch. I think that you can make a genuine OMRON with less chattering if you spend a few yen without being squeaky. The G900 was even worse, with a 20M click instead of the advertised 50M.

It\’s a rush. Like other mice, the D2FC-FK (50M), which is a modern standard installed in Roccat, is one of the poorest OMRON switches that is prone to chattering and double-clicking. By the way, double-clicking and chattering cannot be solved with contact cleaners (temporarily fixed, but later broken).

The Titan switch is said to have improved this OMRON switch, but it has not changed anything as shown in the image. As I said earlier, it\’s just that the switch is oriented parallel to the button and that the latency is minimized at the soft level. As you know, you can usually deliberately delay the signal (roughly 16mm second) to eliminate this delay with Roccat\’s Swarm (turn on Zero Debounce) to minimize click malfunctions. To do). But in online games, there isn\’t much difference you can feel. In any case, don\’t be fooled by the name Titan Switch.

Roccat Kain 200 Design and shape

With more than 40 mice, the Kain 120/200 (for the right hand) is a new category in design. Most people\’s middle fingers are longer than other fingers. In my personal experience, if you place your middle finger higher than your index finger for a long time, your shoulders will become stiff. The G502 has a right button that curves outward and a left button that curves inward, so it\’s very comfortable to put your fingers on, but it still stiffens your shoulders.

Placing the medicinal and middle fingers next to each other on the right button makes it easier, but the G502 is slender, so you can\’t do that either. In comparison, the Kain 120/200 is wider and has a structure that allows the index finger to be placed higher than the middle finger. Compared to G900, the curves of the left and right buttons are similar, but the angle is larger than G900, so it is less tiring. The position of the click button is not too low as Razer Mamba, it is taller than G Pro, and it is one size smaller than Kone XTD (but slightly larger than Kone Pure), but it requires some getting used to, but it is just right. think.

Roccat Kain 200 Sensor

The Kain 200 is equipped with a Pixart 3335 sensor. This sensor is an energy-saving sensor developed by Pixart in collaboration with Roccat. However, it is inferior to the Pixart 3381 included in the Kain 120. If you connect it to a computer and move it around with a mouse, you can see that it moves like drawing a circle on the desktop, but the movement is less accurate than 120. However, this is only noticeable if you look at the screen. Another important factor in knowing the goodness of a mouse sensor is the weight of the mouse.

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The kain 200 weighs around 100 grams, which I think is very good. However, since the battery (with image) is on the palm, there is no problem if it is a game that moves the mouse left and right, but if it is a game that moves it up and down like League, it feels a little stressful. If the center of weight is below the sensor, even if the accuracy of the sensor is deceived, some people will feel that even 100 grams is heavy. Overall, we recommend the Kain 120, which does not have the above problems and is equipped with an accurate sensor.

Roccat Kain 200 Battery life

The primary purpose of using a wireless mouse is that it doesn\’t have a cable, but it doesn\’t fit this purpose unless it has a good battery life. In the last 30 minutes of writing reviews like this, it has dropped from 80% to 60%. This is a battery notation by software that fluctuates by 20%, but at this point it is probably in the 70% range. I don\’t have anything.

I was worried after playing for a few hours, so everyone said that I would charge it, but that\’s right. This point is not comparable to Logitech / Logitech. Postscript: Now that I bought the third 200, there seems to be individual differences in this area as well. After playing for about 3 hours, it will decrease by about 20%. This notation that fluctuates by 20% is difficult to see because I don\’t really know what percentage it is.

Roccat Kain 200 about coating:

This coating is an area that Roccat has been good at since the company was founded. It is designed to prevent fingerprints and oil from sticking to it. However, as you can see in the added image, the Kain 120 and 200 coating types are different. The 200, which looks a little gray, is easy to get fingerprints and is not easy to remove. Wipe off with a melamine sponge every time. The kain 120 is hard to get fingerprints on that point. Why did you do this?

Roccat Kain 200 Software:

I don\’t use basic Macro. The software itself is normal, neither good nor bad. It\’s not confusing like Corsair\’s iCUE, it doesn\’t have the symptom of not being able to install like Razer Synapse, it doesn\’t have the problem of connecting many products of the same company like Steel series software, and it sticks to the graphic interface like Logitech.

There is no reason, and there are quite a few updates. The design is old, but it is a lean interface. Initially, you need to update the included dongle and mouse separately. If you have more than one kain200, you cannot connect to all kain200s with one dongle.

Roccat Kain 200 evaluation:

The design and shape of the mouse are good, the weight and sensor are delicate, the battery life is delicate, the button switch (sensitivity and weight) varies, the design is good, but the quality of the switch is poor, so it is halfway. It has a nice finish. Roccat is still new in the radio sector since Leadr. If you\’re wondering whether to buy a 120 or 200 mouse, overall, I recommend the Kain 120. I also think Kone pure ultra is worth considering.

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If you buy a new one, open the box, shake the mouse, and hear rattling around the sensor, we recommend that you replace it without hesitation. Don\’t open the inside like me. This click feeling … I was very disappointed and unpleasant because there were only Roccat fans, so I bought a genuine OMRON separately (D2F-01F) and soldered only one. I feel that the quality of Roccat\’s products is much lower than it was seven years ago. I don\’t feel as passionate about our products as we used to. Pursuit of money rather than pursuit of quality. As with anything, this is an idea. ­čÖü

Even if two Kain 200s are connected at the same time via the attached dongle, Swarm responds to and recognizes only one of them. Probably no one can connect the same mouse several times. I think I didn\’t think about it on my own. In this respect, Logitech does. If you stick the receiver into your computer without going through the dongle, you can use the mouse at the same time. It cannot be set because it is not displayed in Swarm.

In less than two months, the Kain 120 wheel stopped working. At first, when I moved the scroll down, there was a problem that the screen sometimes went up (not down), but finally it stopped working at all. Also, the Kain 200 sensor once moved in one place with great momentum during the game. Even now, it comes out occasionally. I think it\’s only a matter of time before the sensor breaks. If it is in this condition, I think it will break soon even if it is replaced. Generally, from the click feeling, none of the individuals are uniform.

For Roccat, I thought it was strange because its durability and quality were considerably reduced. So, after a little research on the company, it seems that it was bought last year (2019) by Turtle Beach, which is famous for being fragile with just the name. I\’ve bought a lot of their products and I\’ve had a T-shirt from Roccat\’s German support before. With that memory in mind, I sincerely asked him why this happened, including another case. Of course, he didn\’t mention that the quality control had deteriorated. I\’ve never been so disappointed.

There are almost no other durable and good quality mice. I\’m currently using Logitech\’s G pro. It was pricey, but it was much better mentally than buying Kain many times, believing that it was the next time. I didn\’t give up after trying it a little. I feel very betrayed because I have been supporting you since the company was established. Why do you cleverly reduce the durability even if you squeeze your wisdom for the immediate gold gold X10000? !! I\’m unhappy.

Roccat Kain 200 Driver Download

Roccat Kain 200 Swarm Driver Download

Driver version: V:1.9386
Operating systems:
Windows┬« 10 64 Bit, Windows┬« 10 32 Bit, Windows┬« 8.1 32 Bit, Windows┬« 8.1 64 Bit, Windows┬« 8 32 Bit, Windows┬« 8 64 Bit, Windows┬« 7 64 Bit, Windows┬« 7 32 Bit – Filesize: 159.55 MB Download

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