Download Driver Ricoh SP 210SF

Ricoh SP 210SF Driver Download. I bought this Ricoh SP 210SF printer, since my Samsung laser printer after approximately 2 1/2 years (just after the end of the warranty period) the mind has given up. Since just a Samsung BluRay player after 2 1/2 years the feet stretched was clear to me – no Samsung device more. The Ricoh SP 210SF seemed to be exactly what I wanted on paper. Cheap printing costs, fast operational readiness, network function over WLAN, no drying. On paper. Problems: A ridiculously complex and illogical configuration and noisy print image (not very important for me, Nevertheless very annoying) also completely impossible integration into the WLAN.
Ricoh SP 210SF Printer Driver Download
When I read the purchase before the other reviews I went from the configuration would be more complex but sure to master. I have whole two days tried to get the device into the WLAN, have the Ricoh support consulted and page-by-page foreneabs durchgeslesen. Even as a computer scientist, I was not able to control this device. The printer has refused to swallow the network configuration, I only access via LAN. But I did not buy it. It may be I have a defective Monday device and the network card was defective, the configuration alone would have already however for a withdrawal from the purchase.
Ricoh SP 210SF Software Driver Download
Ricoh SP 210SF Driver Download

Download Printer Driver Ricoh SP 210SF
Ricoh, quite honestly that\’s an impertinence. For some years now, the course User Experience Design, it might be helpful to hire one of the graduates. Usability is not an ice-cream scene, but a prerequisite for a further meeting of their products and my salary. By the way, I\’ve gone through the purchase of a Samsung printer. After about 10 minutes was the good piece in the net and print ready. Even if it gives up the ghost again, it did not drive me mad. the multifunction printer was bought by me, because my old printer was about 10 years old (inkjet printer).
Download Driver Printer Ricoh SP 210SF
Unfortunately, I can or I do not classify it with bad, because it made during the Ricoh SP 210SF installation violent problems. For a layman almost impossible to run it on Windows 10. It was only after several times the software was downloaded. The Ricoh SP 210SF design of the unit is compact and well thought-out. The description in German 2 sentences a disaster. On the net, the information is only available for one SP 211. No service. The Ricoh SP 210SF print quality, the scanner and the printer is good.
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