Download Driver Ricoh SP 202S

Ricoh SP 202S Driver Download. Ricoh SP 202S is a good printer for a low price. I had previously bought the same for 73 €. Shortly after this found and bought. The expensive sent back. The Ricoh SP 202S printer works great! From the PC everything no problem. And it is super fast. B/W is sufficient for me. I can only recommend the printer for the price. The Ricoh SP 202S printer works very well and once it is connected. That was already in the reviews, that\’s difficult. Unfortunately, there is nowhere that this product for Mac OS users actually does not work. Do not know how our computer doctor did it after 2.5 hours!
Ricoh SP 202S Printer Driver Download
Since the device I used, installing the Ricoh SP 202S driver causes problems. The attached disc did not want to. Only a lengthy search on the Internet and the download of the current driver led to success. But now he prints flawlessly. For my intended purpose, a relatively large number of prints, all in black and white, this Ricoh SP 202S is the right printer. At this price, the device is in my estimation for this purpose only recommended. Connection worked without problems. So, I am satisfied with the printer. Ricoh SP 202S prints quickly and cleanly. Only the installation sometimes was a bit cumbersome, since the information in the manual are not correct. Here it needs a revision. But everything is right here.
Ricoh SP 202S Software Driver Download
Ricoh SP 202S Driver Download

Download Printer Driver Ricoh SP 202S
The Ricoh SP 202S printer impresses with a low price, top quality and it was delivered quickly. Easy to set up, fast connected and the print of excellent quality. So this is a very good printer just suffering because my friend can not do much with it because I\’m only working with Appel and I\’ve tried several times to get it on and off, of course, always coat blow well thank you. But still best! There is nothing to complain about, everything is perfect. The paper flap is only what took some getting used to by the institution on DIN A4, but if you look closely, you understand it. I opted for this laser printer because of the optics. I think it is totally great on the outside. And this Ricoh does what it should do in my house, namely print occasionally.
Download Driver Printer Ricoh SP 202S
The Ricoh SP 202S is super fast and the quality of the prints is enough for my needs. It is easy to install. It is also quieter than my old HP laser printer, which I had before. So far, I am completely satisfied with it. Not only fast printing but also cheaper toner make this printer ideal when you do not need color. All good. I am satisfied, device does what it should. Value for money super. I can only recommend and would buy the printer again at any time. Overall the Ricoh SP 202S printer works very well, is small and compact. Long USB cable 10 m is synonymous with no problems. A star deduction, since no Mac OS or Linux driver is included!
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