Download Driver Ricoh Aficio GX e2600

Ricoh Aficio GX e2600 Driver Download. The one printer as an alternative to inkjet or laser models. With ths Ricoh  Aficio GX e2600, Ricoh has added another printer to its range, which is a rather rare species that applies a gel substance instead of ink to the paper. The gel dries immediately after contact with the paper and is therefore particularly smear-proof as well as resistant to sunlight, which gives money printers a certain advantage over inkjet printers. The Aficio GX e2600 also carries the gel relatively large, which results in a high printing speed of 29 pages in color and in B & W mode and not without reason Ricoh also mentions its money printers also Gelsprinter.
Ricoh Aficio GX e2600 Printer Driver Download
Also the first side lie in the output compartment after 6 / 7.5 seconds. When compared to a laser printer, which in turn can be a problem in terms of printing speed, money printers consume significantly less power. According to Ricoh, the Aficio GX e2600 is supposed to have 36 watts in operation and 2 watts in stand-by mode and values ​​that are equal to those of an inkjet and are sky-less than those of a laser printer.

Ricoh Aficio GX e2600 Driver Download

Ricoh Aficio GX e2600 Driver Download
Download Printer Driver Ricoh Aficio GX e2600
In the dimensions, all three types of printers are approximately the same. For the Aficio Ricoh gives 259 times 420 times 485 millimeters, the weight of 14 kilograms in turn proves laser level. Further advantages of the Aficio GX e2600 are the high pressure resolution (3,600 x 1,200 pixels) and the printer for a price-class printer also it comes in for 180 euros and convenient handling with paper (250 sheets). The connection is again via USB, a network interface does not exist.
Download Driver Printer Ricoh Aficio GX e2600
Despite this, the Aficio GX e2600 can be used as a workplace printer in the office with a maximum monthly print volume of up to 10,000 pages due to print quality and speed. The Aficio GX e3350N, also a money printer, is more suitable as a workplace printer. It can, by the way, be one of the few money printers at all via Amazon for 237 euros.
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