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Redragon M913 Mouse Gaming Driver Download. Like many others, I was looking for a Razer Naga alternative. I had mine now 7 years before both of the front buttons timed out. After a lot of rummaging, I came up with this PRELIMINARY review in which I will reduce myself to the most important. The advantage, of course, is that it is cheap, looks great and is just as versatile as the Razer Naga.

Redragon M913 Drivers & Function

My biggest problem is that the side buttons which I ALL use are \”notched\”. The first two rows are notched as well as the last two rows, which means that you have to press them in a certain way. The thumb is practically in the notch and so you have to press keys 1-3 with the tip while pressing 4-6 with the surface of the thumb. If you try to press 1-3 with the surface, it feels as if you want to break out an angular tooth.

Another problem is that there is a hill in the middle due to the notches mentioned. So if you want to go quickly from 6 to 7 you have to cross the said \”hill\”, you tend to get stuck for a second, especially with long fingernails, and then end up not knowing which key you are actually pressing when you are not looking. Unfortunately, the whole thing feels very unintuitive and requires a complete relearning of the gameplay. After 1-2 days of intensive testing, I had the \”hang\” to some extent. I am really 100% satisfied, but not that using it feels \”strenuous\” in the long run, especially because all the keys feel a bit \”loose\”.

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I wanted to give this Redragon M913 mouse a bit of time to get used to and be able to give an honest review. I wanted an affordable mouse quickly until I had the money to get the one I really wanted. I did some research and for the price this ticked all the boxes for me. This arrived in a smart plastic box with instructions and extra weights to adjust the weight of the mouse if required.

The Redragon M913 software was easy to install and configure, it felt a little high on my wrist but overall seemed like something I\’d get used to. It looked smart, colorful and handled almost identical to the high end gaming mouse I am accustomed to.

However, that\’s where it ended. The big red flag for me was the software had embedded itself into my main computer settings, changing some of the windows features, it changed the c drive icon to its own and even after uninstalling the software, my computer required formatting!

The Redragon M913 mouse itself deteriorated quickly, the left mouse button squeeked constantly and I found it didn\’t always respond to the pre programmed settings I\’d requested it use. Sadly I\’m not encouraged to go near this brand again! I will say if you find another mouse then buy that one instead!

Redragon M913 Driver Download (Windows Software)

Redragon M913 Software – Download

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