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Redragon M908 Impact RGB Gaming Mouse Driver Download. I was happy to test it out as I was looking upgrade my current gaming mouse. Redragon M908 was easy to set up and change the key bindings to the new mouse. However after about 2 hours of play time the left click button started getting stuck. I would click several times and it would not move. Effecting the game I am playing.

At the moment when it sticks it makes it unplayable. As left click buttons are the most basic needs for mouse. It seems I have been sent a dodgy mouse. I will have to use my old one until I can get a new one. My first introduction of red dragon products is highly disappointing.

Redragon M908 Drivers & Fast Review

The sellers made contact with me about the dodgy mouse with a non functional left click and made arrangements for a replacement mouse. So after a functional mouse was sent. This was to replace my: Logitech G502 LIGHTSPEED Wireless Gaming Mouse, HERO.

Redragon M908 was responsive ergonomic very responsive and surprisingly sturdy. But I found that it did not have enough buttons for a gaming mouse and it effected gameplay not having a gaming mouse with close key binding. The Redragon M90G has angled side buttons that does help for the hand to eye co-ordination. More specifically memorizing what button does what after you have assigned it. It is much larger mouse and more fits somebody with large hands. But at a 24cm handspan it was not an issue.

Highly responsive mouse that is a bit weighty but this is adjustable to what you (the user) finds okay. A feature that it fails in comparison to the Logitech mouse is the mouse wheel. It does not have an option for fast rolling to zoom in or out. But is good enough for general use of a mouse wheel.

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Redragon M908 Software Download

As for gaming. Have become more responsive for my first 12 side buttons mouse. Which has improved gameplay and performance. The side button near the left click it\’s odd to have only one having made a transition from Logitech to Redragon. But it\’s function during gameplay makes it almost forgettable.

The rest place for your ring finger (between middle and pinky) does not necessarily add to ergonomic gameplay so I believe it is just a design choice. The thumb rest at the side buttons gives it a clunky feel compared to other mouse. As you naturally have your thumb in place as soon as you become accustomed to your gaming mouse. All in all. It is a good mouse that does better equip you to become a better gamer.

This Redragon M908 mouse feels great to hold and use (I used it for an MMO). However after about 2 months of constant use the build quality starts to become an issue. Although it\’s still in one piece and usable the left and right clicks feel soft and the top cover of the entire mouse feels like it\’s about to fall off. If you can get this cheap because you cant afford a razor or corsair then get it. If you can afford something more expensive I highly recommend getting a top name brand.

Redragon M908 Windows Software Download & User Manual

Redragon M908 User Manual PDF – Download

Redragon M908 Software – Download

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