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Redragon M901 Mouse Driver & Software Download. Since I hardly use the programming (so far), it is all the more important for me to emphasize how well this mouse fits in the hand. The slightly roughened surface ensures that the mouse lies securely in the hand even when playing more action-packed games.

Redragon M901 Perdition Drivers

The optics and lighting both look equally chic and well thought out (for example the mouse wheel is illuminated, depending on the speed the arrow keys light up in a different color, and with a click up or down you can adjust the mouse speed at any time, which for me, for example, when playing Overwatch is very handy). I would buy the mouse again anytime. Oh, and small weights are also included so that you can adjust the weight of the mouse to your own preferences (I left all weights in there because it makes the mouse easier to use in my opinion).

The tape from the USB connection to the mouse is wrapped in red and black thread, which I also think is great. Rubber is somehow attractive to my cats, which is why I had to switch to a wireless mouse beforehand. Because of the constantly accumulating batteries, I am very happy to have a mouse with a cable again.

I have had this mouse for about 3 years and use it intensively for Guild Wars 2 and every now and then for other games for about 4 hours, almost 2 times a week. That means that the right mouse button and the keys from 1 to 9 have to undergo a regular ordeal twice a week. Otherwise, it is used for normal everyday life. After a while, the buttons didn’t wear out or any stuck, etc. The mouse feels great in the hand, the surface is rough but not disgusting, no sweaty hand, super easy to program.

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I also recommended the mouse to my buddy, who has been using it for a good 2 years now and is also happy with it. It should also be mentioned that my buddy has “huge” hands and mine, on the other hand, are quite small, but the mouse is great in my hand and him. The only thing that slowly gives up the ghost after the time is the sealing of the palm rest. All in all, highly recommended.

I am completely satisfied with this mouse. I was looking for a cheap gaming mouse because my expensive one had given up. The Redragon M901 driver is extensive. The mouse lies comfortably in the right hand. The material lasts so far and feels good. Only the light on the mouse wheel can’t really be adjusted, but that doesn’t bother me. My table shines brightly anyway thanks to this LED craze.

Redragon M901 Software Download

Windows Software for Redragon M901 Mouse – Download

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