Download Driver Redragon M801

Redragon M801 Mouse Driver & Software Download. For the price you get a good computer mouse that is very sensitive. Compared to my RAT 7, it is very light, even with the weights, but it reacts faster. The Redragon M801 buttons are also very practical. The color change of the mouse is nice when you need it. Overall, a fast, good mouse that can be flexibly adjusted. The only downside is the smell. Otherwise I can recommend this mouse to others. It was very well received as a gift.

Redragon Mammoth M801 Driver Download

This mouse is a gaming mouse from Redragon. The workmanship of the mouse seems to be valuable in the price range. Upper shell material made of black hard plastic with a slightly roughened surface, which creates a nice feel to the touch. I myself have rather normal to smaller hands, which is why I think that the shape of the mouse fits my hand very well.

The Redragon M801 mouse runs very smoothly on a mouse pad as well as on a wooden table as a surface, without jerking. This speaks for the sensor. As a disadvantage, I would point out that the mouse is a little too light. You can vary the weight using an extra compartment, but the maximum weight is a bit too low for my taste.

I received the mouse as part of a product test and was seriously surprised. I was expecting a Chinese mouse that you can get for a few euros from the bay. However, I received a haptically and visually very appealing mouse, which I can really recommend. Additional weights make the mouse competitive compared to the branded products.

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Redragon M801 Software Download

The Redragon Mammoth M801 lies comfortably in the hand, it works precisely and you can reassign the buttons according to your own preferences. The lighting is a nice gimmick, but I don\’t need it. It\’s almost a little too light for me (despite the included weights), but I think I\’ll get used to it. Due to the very low price and what you get for it, I can recommend the mouse without hesitation!

The Redragon M801 mouse is a good example that quality doesn\’t always have to cost € 100. The enclosed software is easy to understand and the mouse does its job perfectly. Even if I was a bit skeptical about the quality and workmanship at the beginning, I have to say that I am very positively surprised. This mouse is well made and makes a solid impression. The cable is long enough, the weights could be a bit heavier, but are perfectly sufficient for games and other work on the PC. The Redragon M801 mouse was very well packaged and feels very valuable. Visually, it is really an eye-catcher and really very well made. It lies comfortably in the hand and I would always prefer it to my Logitech G9x due to the price-performance ratio. Very satisfied!

Download Driver Redragon M801 for Windows

Download Redragon Mammoth M801 Software for Windows

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