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Redragon M711 Cobra Gaming Mouse Driver Download. I am experiencing more and more issues with this Redragon M711 Cobra mouse after only 5 months of use. Input is starting to become erratic and I\’m having to take it out and plug it back in more. Not a good mouse. (Please note I\’m using this mouse on a Mac OS, so I can\’t use the official drivers and instead use third-party software to program the mouse.)

Redragon M711 Cobra Drivers & Features

After my previous mouse, a Razer Deathadder 2013, finally wore out I found myself in the market for a new mouse. I used to do play a lot of Team Fortress 2, but I\’m also a digital artist and found having an accurate and programmable mouse very useful. And let\’s face it: The mice that come included with Mac are awful.

So I started shopping around, but since I no longer really play FPS-type games online, I couldn\’t really justify the cost of a new Razer mouse. So I started looking at cheaper options, and this one came up recommended in a few places. The reviews also seemed consistently good. Unfortunately, I\’ve had two issues with this mouse, having had it for a couple of months and using it daily:

  • – The Redragon M711 Cobra rubber coating on top of the mouse has started to crack and deteriorate. It doesn\’t bother me when I\’m using the mouse, but it looks awful and will eventually spread of course. I expected it to last longer. I do not get grease / food on my mouse, so didn\’t expect it to go quite so quickly.
  • – The Redragon M711 Cobra mouse sometimes starts lagging and becoming unresponsive. Taking it out and plugging it back in again fixes this, but it will randomly stop working again. I wonder how long it will be before it packs in altogether.
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Despite the above, it\’s a perfectly good mouse, and the pulsing rainbow light is very pretty and a lot nicer than my green Razer. I bought this Redragon M711 Cobra to replace a vertical mouse I had been using for a while because the sensor wasn\’t great, but needed something on a budget.

This mouse did just fine and the conversion back to a regular mouse wasn\’t too difficult; It\’s well built, has a nice texture, the braided cable is smooth and doesn\’t drag as much as some others, the clicks are clicky and defined, the lights are very customizable and the sensor is good for the kind of games I play (Doom (new and old), Minecraft, TF2).

Redragon M711 Driver Download

I trust Redragon value for money and build quality, as I\’d previously bought their Kumara keyboard which is very sturdy and feels nice to type on. Even their box presentation surprised me; instead of packaging it in a thin cardboard box with just a print of the product on it like some mice around this price range.

The only con with this mouse is the shape as it kind of slims out towards the palm. I don\’t know what the decision process behind this was or if it\’s just my particular hand shape but with it being slimmer towards that point, it\’s giving dead space between pinky fingers unless you reach it a little further for more grip, which doesn\’t feel as natural as I\’d want it to be. If it had a little more junk in the trunk, I\’d be much happier with it. It does suit my claw grip way of hold my mouses / mice, though, which is nice.

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Aside from that everything else feels good quality and I wouldn\’t pass this up to someone who\’s looking for a product which is value for money and suits the needs of a gamer. Usually I only stick to 1000 DPI, so the rest is open to suggestion for others that may require like 10,000 DPI. The sensor is good though, I haven\’t had any issues with that, twitch flicks in games feel just fine but I\’m no expert. I\’d trust someone like Rocket Jump Ninja to give a rounded review of that kind of thing.

Redragon M711 Cobra Windows Software Download & Manual

Redragon M711 Cobra User Manual PDF – Download

Redragon M711 Cobra Software – Download

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