Download Driver Redragon M602 RGB

Redragon M602 RGB Gaming Mouse Driver Download. This Redragon M602 RGB mouse is great, works and the colours are great. Initially had an issue with having it stick to a solid colour and the instructions were vague at best. Contacted Redragon via email through their website and received a reply in 24 hours with great help that resolved my issue.

Redragon M602 RGB Drivers Installation

This mouse was pretty much everything I hoped for. I wanted a mouse that could be useful for gaming, but also overall comfortable when using my computer and this one works great. It\’s a bit small for my hand, so my fingers don\’t lay flat in the ridges on the side, but after a day or two of using, I got used to the feeling and it works great. The value for money is exceptional, and I wouldn\’t need anything more from my mouse than what this one offers.

A really great mouse for the price. Looks fantastic, feels good, size is kind of large but I personally like that. Had it for a year now and used it everyday, sadly the right button broke down and I have to replace it. But throughout the year, this is my conclusion.

Redragon M602 RGB Pros:

  • Nice looking, nice texture, nice weight, side button useful, nice in game response feels well in hand.

Redragon M602 RGB Cons:

  • Side button a bit too plastic, the program I downloaded is not very user friendly.
  • Overall I really like it and would recommend this since it’s super worth it for this price.

However, if you want to assign different functions for the buttons or change the color patterns, you will need to install a proprietary driver on a windows machine. The changes are saved inside the mouse, so they will be kept if you use your mouse in Linux afterwards. Fiddled a lot and it\’s not possible to make the changes from a Linux box for now.

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For the amount I paid, this mouse really delivers. I am having zero issues playing games such as Destiny 2 with this, both PvE and PvP. The RGB aspect is fun and looks high quality. The feel and weight of the mouse are good. The cable is nice.

Overall the Redragon M602 RGB is an amazing mouse, soft feel on the top. Quality braided cord. Fit my hand perfectly, it has a groove for each finger. Very comfortable and the lighting affects are awesome. My only minor complaint is the dpi switch is on the bottom but doesn\’t bother me to much. This thing is quality!

Great product. I use it almost everyday to play Dota 2 and occationally some other games and it has served me well. Bought it 7 months ago. The only problem for me was that it did not have 800dpi, there was lesser dpi, 700dpi and the 900dpi, but i got used to playing at 700 so its all good now. Do not hesitate to buy it if its 1000 bucks or less, its worth every penny.

Download Redragon M602 RGB Driver & Manual

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