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Redragon K556 RGB Keyboard Drivers & Download. I\’ve been using this keyboard for one day, and am typing this review on it. Here are my pros and cons:

Redragon K556 RGB Drivers & Manual Download

Redragon K556 Pros:

  1. Great tactile and responsive feel from the brown switches with a satisfying sound, while not being too noisy.
  2. Comes with 8 replacement switches (2 each of blue, black, brown, red) with key/switch removers.
  3. Solid build quality with aluminum body.
  4. Redragon K556 RGB modes are nice with many to choose from. It\’s not mentioned, but you can change each individual key colour with the \”coastal\” mode in the software.

Redragon K556 Cons:

  1. I don\’t get why they include 2 of each type of switch in the replacement, I\’d prefer all one colour (preferably blue switches), that way you could change all the arrow keys, WASD, etc. but you can\’t really do that here.
  2. The keycaps get a bit damaged (small indentation on the bottom, albeit almost unnoticeable) when removed with the tool, but a lot of the keys can be removed by hand.
  3. The switches are almost impossible to remove, I\’ve tried removing a few so far to no avail. I pulled as hard as I could without snapping the body in half, and it didn\’t come out. I was scared to break the plastic on the switch, and it did break a bit one time(didn\’t affect performance after though) so I didn\’t try again.
  4. The Redragon K556 keyboard is pretty high up (~1.25\” from base to top of key) with a very sheer edge (90 degrees basically). This can make your wrists hurt pretty badly with extended use, so I\’d recommend using a wrist rest of some sort to raise your wrists.
  5. Keyboard is a bit small with small keys, so that can lead to a few problems from time to time, but not too big of an issue.
  6. There\’s a weird metal reverberation/echo when clicking the keys, probably due to the metal body. It\’s not annoying if you don\’t pay attention, and you can\’t hear it when listening to videos or music.
  7. Redragon K556 Software is a bit weird to use, poorly designed UI (user interface)
  8. A little nitpicky and personal, but I think that the font on the keycaps doesn\’t look so nice, with letters/symbols like the @, #, 8, 0, and O looking really weird. I don\’t really look at the keys when I\’m typing, so it\’s not really an issue.
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This is a pretty great keyboard with a very nice feel and sound. Redragon K556 works perfectly fine on my PC and liking the RGB lighting. Could be a bit cheaper and the switches are impossible to remove though. Despite that, I\’d still give it 5 stars. I\’d recommend buying this as it\’s not too expensive compared to many other gaming keyboards and if you\’re looking to just type with it it\’s great.

Windows Redragon K556 Software Download & Manual PDF

Redragon K556 RGB User Guide Manual PDF Download

Redragon K556-RK RGB Keyboard Software Download

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