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Redragon K552 Keyboard Driver Download. Redragon K552 keyboard is very good. The light was even dance. There is no problem with the feel of typing. Also, the non-slip on the back side is good. The only problem is that it makes a high-pitched sound like hitting metal, but I think that there is no problem when looking at the price.

Redragon K552 Drivers & Software Download

After using it for about half a year, R\’s reaction got worse. I thought that it might be bad that I did not maintain it at all, and when I removed all the keycaps, the part that sticks to the key switch of the R keycap has shrunk, and it will not stick to the key switch all the way. Was there. I don\’t know why because it was hot, but I wanted it to be a little more sturdy. The other keys don\’t seem to be a problem, so it\’s probably like I got lost.

I will tell you the good points of this Redragon K552 Keyboard.

1. There is a blue axis and the sound is good.

2. No width (compact)

3. Beautiful red with no color unevenness

These three are what I thought I was using. Maybe some people are worried? The metallic sound is a little in the book, but it doesn\’t really bother me. I think it\’s a very good product for the first gaming keyboard. I have a Razer left-handed device for games, so I bought it for typing, not for games. I was looking for a glowing US keyboard because the room was dark, but there weren\’t many types, so I bought this one, which was relatively inexpensive for games. Therefore, we will review from both the gamer\’s point of view and the typing point of view.

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Redragon K552 Lighting: It feels like each key is shining evenly and firmly, so it\’s easy to see even in the dark and I\’m very satisfied.

Redragon K552 Key touch feeling: The hardness is just right for the game, but the impression is that it will be a little hard and tiring to keep typing for a long time. It\’s not hard to push. Rather easy to push.

Redragon K552 Sound: The rattling typing sound is quite loud. I don\’t care, but if you care about it, you may want to reconsider. I think it\’s the loudest keyboard I\’ve ever touched.

Redragon K552 Weight: It\’s made very heavy, so you don\’t have to worry about it shifting during typing. As you can see in the product introduction, it weighs more than 1 kg. On the contrary, it may not be suitable for people who often move to the corner of the desk due to space, because the weight feels annoying.

Redragon K552 Keyboard Drivers

If it is for the original purpose (for games), I think that the return on the price is large, so I gave it 5 stars. If it is for games, it is a very good product overall. On the contrary, I think that it is a little unsuitable for those who are thinking for work such as typing, although it is not inconvenient.

This Redragon K552 quality at this price I think is too good, a place that can not use the software there is no particular problem because it\’s a little disappointing is changing the lighting in most body of the set. Yes while holding down the there is a shortcut of lighting changes that have not wrote in the manual (FN I\’ve been using it for about half a year, but I haven\’t had any major complaints so far.

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I liked the Redragon K552 and switched to an alphabetic key. After that, I was curious about the model without a numeric keypad, so I bought this one. There are several types of Redragon, so it\’s good to choose according to your taste. Note that if the macro key is located to the left of the Ctrl key, you may make a mistake. Once you get used to it, it\’s convenient because it\’s close, but if it doesn\’t work, it\’s safer to use the F1 key placement model. Anyway, it is recommended because it has detailed consideration and is very easy to use.

Windows Redragon K552 Software Download

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