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Razer Viper Mini Mouse Software Download. After two weeks ago my Logitech G903 wireless mouse was no longer usable due to the double-click problem, something new quickly had to be found. I also have the G903 Lightspeed and I always expect the worst in terms of the bad China Omron switches. I informed myself in detail and for a long time and also watched the video with the PCGH Kasper, who was visiting Razer.

Razer Viper Mini Software & Short Review

The Razer Viper Mini was no-nonsense, only the PCGH guy was embarrassing. Everything was very informative and my decision to try a Razer mouse for the first time solidified. I still have a Razer DeathStalker Chroma keyboard here and the torchlight procession with forced registration got on my nerves even then. It\’s different now, but to be able to use the full range of functions, you have to download Synapse 3 and register once.

Always a Logitech younger, I messed up my G933 headset and bought the Razer Nari Ultimate wireless. No more connection problems, but the headset is really powerful. So I am not stuck and unteachable when it comes to other competitors. I am disappointed with Logitech and so only Razer and Asus (because of the exchangeable switches included) came into question.

Yesterday evening around 8 p.m. DHL came with the mouse and I have probably never looked out the window for DHL so often. The packaging is really nice and valuable, but if you are interested in the packaging. The Razer Viper Mini mouse itself looks very inconspicuous, like the Logitech GPro, which went back after 3 months due to the failure of the switches.

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I am right-handed and have small hands (glove size 7.5-8), this as a reference for interested buyers. The Razer Viper Ultimate is a bit too long for me because I can barely reach the mouse wheel with my index finger. Only the tip of my index finger touches the mouse wheel at the very beginning, which is very unusual for me. But you get used to it and the quiet and pleasant scrolling makes up for it, at least for me.

The Razer Viper Mini gliding behavior on a Roccat Taito is unique and as simple as floating. Battery charged yesterday and currently at 81%, despite gaming, testing, and, and so completely satisfied. The Razer Viper Mini software (Razer Synapse 3) hit me on the stomach at first, but when I muddled in and saved my profile in the mouse, I felt better.

Razer Viper Mini Drivers

But I switched from \”Gaming Software\” to GHub with Logitech, as well. The Razer Synapse 3 is definitely, let\’s say, very powerful and requires patience and training. There are definitely more beautiful hobbies. What I would miss would be a visible battery level indicator or something. If the Razer software is not running in the background, mW does not display anything specific about the charging station.

So I can only find out the current battery level via Synapse. Let\’s see if the Viper actually flashes, because I have stored the warning message at 5% in the mouse profile. What annoys me the most are those loud mouse button clicks. If I take my good old reserve mouse Roccat KONE Pure, I hear almost nothing and the Viper clacks. Well, the e-sports gamers all have fat headsets on and nobody cares, but if you sit in a room with sensitive people, you should think about it.

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My girlfriend is very annoyed with mechanical keyboards and the Viper is not far from it. At home I play mechanically with a Logitech G903 Lightspeed and Logitech G910 Orion, that would be unthinkable here. But if the switches last longer than Logitech\’s, I will gladly accept this loud click. But my expectations at 140 euros were far from this clacking.

Razer Viper Mini Conclusion:

I think the mouse is ingenious and visually eye-catching with the docking station. The little things I mentioned are not enough for a return, especially since I hardly see any alternative at the moment, except maybe the Razer Basilisk Ultimate. The processing (external) is for my terms 1A. One can argue about the DPI changeover on the underside (bottom of the mouse). It doesn\’t bother me and maybe Razer didn\’t want to imitate the competition either. And now I wish you a lot of fun with your Razer Viper Mini and that the switches last longer than the competition, which for me was the main reason for a change of provider.

Download Razer Viper Mini Software

Razer Viper Mini – Razer Synapse 2 Legacy Software Download – Windows 7, 8 , 10

Razer Viper Mini – Razer Synapse 3 Software Download – Windows 7, 8 , 10

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