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Razer Naga Trinity Gaming Mouse Driver Download. The Razer Naga Trinity mouse is cool, no doubt about it, but since I installed the application on a PC to program keys and colors, I haven\’t been able to open it yet. I click on it but it doesn\’t start. It might be my PC that\’s having problems, but it\’s the only app it does this with. Luckily the mouse is plug and play and doesn\’t need the app to function like a normal mouse, but it\’s a waste to spend 70 euros for a 19-button mouse and then not even be able to use them all! I\’ll be asking for help directly from Razer online, as it\’s an app issue and not a mouse issue, and hopefully good. Maybe just reinstall the program.

Razer Naga Trinity Drivers & Downloads

I\’m happy that it\’s a mouse with a fairly sober design, compared to some mouse bands that look like spaceships that are around, because I\’m not an obsessed teenage gamer, I\’m just an ordinary girl who plays PC from time to time, but who mainly likes to use a mouse with many programmable shortcuts per job to save time, and the fact that up to 5 profiles are available is very useful. They should make replacement keypads available for sale in case one breaks.

After 8 years with the Naga Epic, I was looking for a suitable replacement. Unfortunately there are no mice like the one on the current market and so I had to adapt. I tried 2 Logitechs (G502 and G903) but I didn\’t like them, and so I tried this new Naga Pro. Let\’s say that it holds its own against the old Naga Epic, even beating it in some things (which is normal since the technology improves), such as for example the battery life, which is really great if you don\’t use the light effect on the mouse. It lasts me 4-5 days and we consider that I stay at the PC all day both to work from home and also after, so I would say about 14-15 hours a day

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Razer Naga Trinity ergonomics are good. I would have preferred those 3-4 mm less wide but it is not annoying. The ring finger fits better and is more comfortable but it is a pity that you cannot rest your fingertip on the ground (in this way the grip seems more stable)

Razer Naga Trinity Software

The biggest regret is for the side panel with 12 buttons that on the Naga Epic was rubberized and harder to click so you could just as easily hold your thumb there, without the risk of pressing buttons. IN this Naga Pro I\’m using the 6-key panel because I just don\’t like the 12-key panel. Plastic keys too dancers. They also protrude just enough to make the mouse too wide (already mentioned that I would have wanted it a little narrower)

Let\’s say that 6 buttons are enough (I don\’t need 12) but I don\’t like the shape that is too long, which makes the last 2 very uncomfortable to click and I use them only for non-immediate actions (therefore not in play) Unlike the Naga Epic, however this Naga Pro has the side clicks of the wheel so 2 more buttons. All in all so if before I had 9 keys (+3 uncomfortable, or the last row) now I have 6 (+2 uncomfortable)

The Razer Naga Trinity software has improved compared to the past, even if there are still some bugs. The delay in the automatic change of profiles it has declined but is not yet at Logitech level and after a few months the left button begins not to keep the click stable. Hideous for when you\’re doing drag\’n\’drop. The side keypad is simply interchangeable with quick and easy operations (it has magnetized ends).

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I decided to buy it again for when the left button inconstancy problem becomes particularly frequent or to have spare parts. The Razer Naga Trinity sensor is excellent, it does not lose a comma. But the software (Synapse 3) is awful. Unlike Synapse 2, creating macros is completely tricky, and the software tends to go haywire. If you wanted to be an exorcist when you grew up, you will find it perfect. But in theory they know this and are trying to improve it. The left button problem could be some dust particles between the contacts. Blowing inside hard, the first time, solved. However, it happened again after a few more months and the same method does not seem to bear fruit at the moment.

Windows Razer Naga Trinity Driver Download + Manual PDF

Razer Naga Trinity Master Guide

Razer Synapse 3 for Windows 10 – 8 – 7 (32/64-bit)

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