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Razer DeathAdder Mouse Driver & Software Download. The Razer DeathAdder mouse feels great in the hand and is incredibly precise. Aim wonderfully well as a result. What I particularly like is that there are 2 buttons for changing the DPI. This means that you can switch between several DPI levels in both directions at lightning speed while gaming, perfect for different situations in which different sensitivities are suitable. With most other gaming mice you only have one button to switch and can therefore only change the DPI in one direction, which means a change downwards (you first have to click through all other modes until you finally get to the previous level) during a battle makes impossible.

Razer DeathAdder Software Download

Therefore, this Razer DeathAdder top gaming mouse, perfect for shooters. I recommend the Razer mouse pad for this. This is my 2nd Razer mouse! I use the first on an iMac and the second a relative uses on a Macmini. I’m now talking about the one on the Macmini and that’s the one you see here. The mouse responds very well and is incredibly fast. Clearly depending on the mouse configuration! You can set the colors differently and the mouse has 5 buttons! The cable is long enough.

The Razer DeathAdder mouse lies very comfortably in the hand and the mouse wheel can also be moved easily and nothing on the mouse squeaks or makes strange noises! The one who owns it at the moment is completely satisfied with this mouse and me also with the other Razer model.

I owned the Deathadder Elite, it broke down. After that I bought the Razer Lancehead, was also relatively satisfied, it was just too small for me, it broke after 2 years and I didn’t want any compromises to enter more. So I bought what I consider to be the best gaming mouse for people with medium-sized to large hands, of course not using a claw grip. This Razer DeathAdder mouse is comfortable, has a long battery life, and has very good tracking. Switching between 2.4Ghz and Bluetooth is very practical because it uses much less power with Bluetooth.

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Overall, everything is perfect for me, except of course the price. If the mouse no longer works for 1.5-2 years without problems, it is no longer like 3 stars for the price, but so far after one week, it is perfect. So I can only say, of all the mice I’ve had so far, this mouse is perfect for playing first-person shooters that don’t rely on many buttons.

Razer DeathAdder Pros:

  • + Very light (for slow mouse settings where you have to lift the mouse more often)
  • + Very good slide behavior
  • + Mouse wheel hardness is very comfortable
  • + It lies incredibly well in my hand – doesn’t have to be for all hands!
  • + Delivery as usual without problems and within 2 days it was there!


Razer DeathAdder Cons:

  • So far none

Razer DeathAdder Drivers Download (Windows)

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