Download Driver Plugable Nano USB WLAN Adapter

Plugable Nano Driver Download. After I bought the adapter for my Raspberry Pi 2 Model B to give my car some technique, I was very positively surprised that it is actually under Raspbian a Plug n Play installation! Stick purely, booted and immediately I could access my WLAN! The Plugable Nano WLAN stick was delivered quickly. After loading the recommended driver on my old MacBook, the wireless connection ran smoothly. Since the stick is super small, it is a great replacement for the defective built-in WLAN receiver and at a small price. First time, I was only a bit skeptical, since there were no customer reviews for the WLAN adapter.
Plugable Nano WLAN Driver Download
I have already bought various WLAN adapters for my Banana-Pi, with Raspbian as OS, all with different chipset. Either this Plugable Nano had worked, since there were no suitable drivers for the OS, or the WLAN adapters constantly broke the connection at load. This Plugable Nano adapter is the first one that works directly and without problem! I am very pleased! I needed a WiFi adapter, because the already somewhat older Mac OS X 10.6 over a Telekom Speedport (W724V) by airport could not connect to the Internet. With the Nano USB Adapter, there are now no more problems.
Plugable Nano USB WLAN Driver Download
Plugable Nano Driver Download

Download WLAN Adapter Driver Plugable Nano USB
The Plugable Nano drivers must first be downloaded via LAN cable or installed via another device via USB stick. Something complicated was the WiFi adapter over the network settings to activate Airport should be deactivated. The transfer speed is the same as that of the LAN cable and faster (approx. 22 Mbits / s). Installation on a (also older) Window XP computer was completely problem-free -and the speed was presumably throttled by the front USB port. Also worth mentioning is the small size and the unobtrusive activity indicator. The Nano WiFi adapter is amazingly small and measures less than a centimeter when connected to the USB port.
Download Driver WLAN Adapter Plugable Nano USB
With such a small profile, you do not need to worry about accident-canceling. You do not need to remove the adapter, you can safely plug it in and the laptop in the hand luggage stow away. Ideal for connections by the wireless interface or router in line of sight. Please take into account adapters or antennas that have a high antenna gain when performing complex applications. Because of the small size, the adapter is also suitable for a separate peer-to-peer connection between two WiFi adapters. Search for \”ad hoc WiFi setup\” for a guide. For Mac OS X 10.4 to 10.8, the driver must be manually downloaded and requires the RealTek WiFi utility.
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