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Pictek PC205 Gaming Mouse Driver Download. I am completely satisfied, the Pictek PC205 mouse does everything it should and looks good, the lighting effects are great, you can also find the mouse in the dark, the scroll wheel functionality and a few extra buttons were important. Thank you!

Pictek PC205 Drivers Installation

To begin with, I have to say that I did not expect any special properties from this Pictek PC205 gaming mouse. It was ordered because the kids think a glowing mouse is simply cool and, according to the description, should also be suitable for gaming.

Unpacked, plugged in and the mouse was recognized immediately and looks really good thanks to the lighting. The dpi can be set at the top button, which also changes the lighting of the LED. The operation of the mouse has no complaints for me and it does what it should. Of course, the value doesn\’t feel like it does with a high-priced gaming mouse, but at this price you have to be aware of it.

There is also a mini CD with the software, with which you can still set a lot. There is also a manual with the link for downloading the software if someone does not have an optical drive on the new laptop (like mine). The link leads to an Asian manufacturer\’s website, which is also available in English. The download of the little software unfortunately took what felt like an eternity.

I admit I wasn\’t expecting too much for the price. My previous Logitech G 500s had given up the ghost, many such positive reviews made me curious and I ordered them. And I have to say, the mouse is really great (and looks great too). Very ergonomic, lies very comfortably in the hand. The Pictek PC205 mouse buttons have a somewhat firmer click pressure (I like that) and they seem to glide a little more gently on a smooth surface for performance gamers.

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Pictek PC205 Driver Download

With my texture Sharkoon mouse pad it is so ideal for me. A Pictek PC205 software CD for assignment and RGB effect is included. Since I\’ve been pretty disappointed with Logitech recently, this brand (if they don\’t mess it up like Logitech) gets a fair chance. I am absolutely satisfied. (If necessary, additions will be made in months and years).

The Pictek PC205 gaming mouse looks very good, of course, but this is of secondary importance. According to the appearance, the mouse is also very good and comfortable in the hand. The cable is of sufficient (very good) length and the mouse works perfectly. I particularly like the fact that you can change the sensitivity with a simple click of the mouse. Each level then has a separate color so that you can immediately see which level is set. In addition, the mouse has many different buttons which can be programmed extremely quickly and easily. In my opinion, the price / performance ratio of this mouse is unbeatable. That\’s why I would buy the mouse again anytime! I\’m really pleased!

Windows Pictek Gaming Mouse Driver PC205 Driver Download

Windows T16/PC205 Mouse Driver Rar

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