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Pictek PC034 Gaming Mouse Driver Download. Pictek PC034 lies comfortably in the hand and all buttons are easily accessible. The lighting looks good and can be switched from pulsating to continuously lit. By default, colors are given for each DPI choice, but this can also be changed. For me, the mouse lights off as soon as the PC shuts down. When I press the mouse buttons while the PC is switched off, the light comes on again. But the most important thing is that it goes off when the PC goes off. So there is no disturbing light.

While looking for an inexpensive gaming mouse that I can use to determine the LED color myself, I came across this model. The low price made me skeptical at first, but it was worth a try. After two weeks, my first conclusion is positive. The mouse sits comfortably in the hand and the buttons can be assigned a variety of functions. The model is pleasantly heavy and therefore does not look extremely cheap like other China models.

Pictek PC034 Drivers Installation

The software, which is included on the CD, is clear, but not overloaded. The colors are determined via the DPI settings by making a free selection in the color field for each option. Synchronization with Aura or Mystic Light is of course not possible. Definitely not a bad buy for the price. If you are looking for a solid gaming mouse with many setting options and a very good price / performance ratio, you won\’t go wrong here.
Very satisfied, Pictek PC034 works well, responds promptly. The changes to dpi are also possible without any problems. However, I have not tried programming the additional keys. Sits comfortably in the hand and is automatically recognized.
Great looks great and feels very good in the hand. I have a normal size 10 in the gloves and so far this mouse fits my hand better than the D-19 model from the same brand. Great product. Not yet tested but I\’m curious if I can make good progress with Photoshop. Product purchased in combination with the keyboard. Exposures quickly and well. I find price-performance unbeatable. Thank you. I\’m really looking forward to using it. The D-19 model is fine too. This model is even better in the hand.
The Pictek PC034 mouse has very good ergonomics. I use you for everything. I am working with her at Office ect. and also i play games with her. For me it is more than enough for gambling. Of course, it has the three standard buttons (left / right mouse button and mouse wheel) and there are two buttons behind the mouse wheel for faster and slower mouse speed. The speed can only be increased or reduced in rough steps which is not a problem for me personally.

Windows Pictek Gaming Mouse PC034 Driver Download

Pictek T7/PC034 Gaming Mouse Driver – Rar 6.12MB

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