Download Driver Philips LFF6020/MFD6020

Philips LFF6020 Driver Download. The Philips LFF6020 printer device is absolutely suitable for normal use for scanning and printing about 50 pages per day absolutely. The Philips MFD 6020 is not only cheap, it is also enduring. According to the manufacturer, it can print with a toner approx. 5500 pages, which is now an absolute rarity, usually the capacity here is between 1500 and 2500 pages. But this was enough to influence my purchasing decision. Philips LFF6020 finds me in its home office, where it also performs quite well.
Philips LFF6020 Printer Driver Download
The Philips LFF6020 scanning function works perfectly and can also copy the device directly, so it serves as a replacement for a copier. The prints are fast (20 pages / min.) And impeccable. The included driver software is suitable for PC as well as for Mac OS X and Linux (two different versions included), a USB cable is not supplied. Also, the volume is more than bearable, so the unit does not give perceptible noise in standby mode.
Philips MFD6020 Software Driver Download
Philips LFF6020 Driver Download

Download Printer Driver Philips LFF6020
For the price absolutely unbeatable! The only drawback: the plastic levers in the paper tray appear a bit unstable, but so far nothing has happened yet. You should, however, handle these levers only with caution. I have the Philips LFF6020 now for several weeks in use. So far I am very satisfied. The device works without any problems. In the short warm-up phase (a few seconds), he makes a little noise every time, then goes quieter. I first had some problems with paper jams. It seemed as if there was too much paper in the paper tray. The paper tray is closed at the front.
Download Driver Printer Philips LFF6020
It protrudes behind the printer several inches behind it. This does not really bother me, but paper can catch dust. The Philips LFF6020 scanner works well. The Philips LFF6020 printer results are in my opinion good, this applies above all to texts. In the case of pictures, the pressure is sometimes somewhat streaky. I am a teacher and use the device mainly for scanning and creating worksheets in grayscale. For this I can recommend the MFD 6020 so far. Especially since it causes rather small operating costs. What annoys me constantly is, however, the power switch on the backside. I always have to finger my fingers and search.
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