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Pantum P3300DW Driver Download. This Pantum P3300DW printer makes a positive impression, small compact and looks good. Why the device only gets 3 stars has the following reasons. The establishment over WLAN and the operation over WLAN are to say the least, the purest disaster! But one after another. CD inserted and Installation started, the WLAN data entered, connection to the Fritz box not possible, after the 10 attempt I gave up. So with Trick 17. And connected with the Fritz box and the device and lo and behold, the installation folds immediately and the device is recognized.
Pantum P3300DW Printer Driver Download
Then on the web surface the Fritz on the device clicked, and it appears the web surface of the Pantum. As Admin log there, WLAN data enter and lo and behold, WLAN works. All right, I thought. Are you kidding me? Are you serious when you say that! Under WLAN now works now the scanner, which ran in the test under LAN still. Also the Scan App does not work under WLAN. The Scan app requires WLAN to a USB connection, with the connection over LAN it does not. Printing works over WLAN however without problems.
Pantum P3300DW Software Driver Download
Pantum P3300DN Driver Download

Download Printer Driver Pantum P3300DW
The web interface of the Pantum is no longer accessible under WLAN, but under LAN without problems. Then I wanted to read the user manual through the browser, there is a warning, only possible with IE or Safari. Okay, and it appears, but when I saved it, it could not be opened anymore. Only possible with IE or Safari. To fax, the Pantum P3300DN is delivered contrary to the description without connection cable. I luckily still had the telephone cable of my old fax machine. I will keep the device anyway, since it is always me on the desk, I will stop it by Lan with the Fritz box.
Download Driver Printer Pantum P3300DW
More like three stars is it me alone by the bad behavior of the device in the wlan operation, but not worth. Also, Pantum should sometimes think about that there are other browsers than the IE or Safari. But what brings two points deduction, is in the product description nowhere a hint or the same is that the printer can print only BLACK / WHITE Otherwise top! Connection and commissioning were a children\’s play.
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