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Pantum P3010DW Driver Download. I have experienced the entire age of inkjet printers and it took me years of my life, nerves and money came without end up on it. Just 6 months ago I bought an Epson, installation and that does not work of black buying new color And it still did not work again has brought to the edge of the madness, full rage I ordered the Pantum. The Pantum P3010DW installation: CD pure, router number (Window 10 / WLAN) entered program says \”go a smoking, which takes something.\” Said, done. I come back STARRE to the screen and nothing? no window, nothing in But I\’m not sure if it\’s a good idea, but I\’m not sure if it\’s a good idea.
Pantum P3010DW Printer Driver Download
It has been a long time since I\’ve been working on the printer, and I\’ve been thinking about it. The HB male mimic as I notice that the pressure BOTTOM was nice clean and the part has also still silently done his work, just so 14 days Later: It prints, three weeks later, He prints, no more dried nozzles, No praying that my printer may work 30 seconds of my life for the installation, That\’s it! I love the part. Well, I have become humble in the course of my life and I am enough a black / white printer for documents, synonymous copying in black / white me completely for those who expect something more here but!
Pantum P3010DW Software Driver Download
Pantum P3010DW Driver Download

Download Printer Driver Pantum P3010DW
Negative: The material, the printer is very cheap in the processing, paper peck out of the printer (dust catcher) Scan has the quality of 20 years ago worked but good. Since the printer is my first laser printer I can however no comparison make. Never again a color printer, price / performance is OK a little better material and a drawer in the whole paper would be great. I had the printer only at all not to get into the WLAN, and that is precisely why I ordered it.
Download Driver Printer Pantum P3010DW
I know myself relatively well with facilities bez. Internet, WLAN, etc. But here I had no chance. Too bad, because the device made otherwise good impression on me, and over USB functioned the printer and scanner synonymous perfectly. Maybe it was also a Monday device. The return then went without problems.
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