Download Driver Pantum M6700DW

Pantum M6700DW Driver Download. Unfortunately, the Pantum M6700DW printer\’s web interface has no page count, but our last toner cartridge certainly did not hold 1600 pages. And even if the 1600 pages were reached, other manufacturers offer slightly more expensive models, where the toner cartridges are specified at a comparable price of 3000 pages and more. For the Pantum M6700DW price a very good device, since I relatively little expresses and me thereby constantly the print heads of the color printers drier I\’ve bought this Pantum M6700DW laser printer and did not regret it. No long-term experience, but, very short installation, WiFi password entered, done. Everything I immediately recognized, printing from the cell phone folds easily.
Pantum M6700DW Printer Driver Download
A significantly more expensive device from Samsung failed at AirPrint, I had to send back. If the part is also still durable, I would not know why one as a home user should buy yet another brand. Pantum belongs to Lenovo, one of the largest in the PC industry. The Pantum M6700DW printer works without any major problems. The connection to the WLAN is as simple as with all printers but not very simple.
Pantum M6700DW Software Driver Download
Pantum M6700DW Driver Download

Download Printer Driver Pantum M6700DW
Negative is the fact that the manual in the manual, that the toner cartridge can easily be filled up with replenisher toner (so described), without which toner is compatible is completely worthless. Alternatively you have to buy the relatively expensive new toner cartridge (46,90 €) or just experiment with another refill toner. The installation of the wireless and the scanner works by no means without problems and is not to be cope with a layman.
Download Driver Printer Pantum M6700DW
But then the Pantum M6700DW convinces through good printer results and fast response times, but it does not really look high quality, as described Good home printer, which corresponds to my requirements as an occasional user. The Pantum M6700DW printer makes for the price a decent impression, the processing is OK. Printing was possible with me only with a direct connection, the attempt to integrate the printer in my WLAN network, was unsuccessful, after 2 days I gave up and returned the printer to PEARL. A pity actually, because also the printing result could be seen.
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