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Pantum M6000 Driver Download. Pantum M6000 is a monochrome laser printing device which also has a function as a scanner and copier. This product offers several advantages that could be an alternative for those who require similar devices. One of the advantages of this laser printer is capable of printing in large quantities. In addition you will also find the power consumption is fairly not large for the size of laser-based devices. Printing activity that most large power consuming \”only\” using the power of about 355 watts at maximum conditions.
Pantum M6000 Printer Driver Download
While in idle / sleep, these devices consume only 4.5 watts. In addition to set the sleep time for this device, you can also take advantage of power saving button to activate the function without having to wait until the device is in idle status. You also can set the toner save function through the menu on the control panel to enable it to the On position. While other features fairly minimalist.
Pantum M6000 Software Driver Download
Pantum M6000 Driver Download

Download Printer Driver Pantum M6000
Most multifunction monochrome laser printer aimed at small and medium sized businesses include network functions. But Pantum M6000 does not include them. Similarly, the duplex feature that is dispensed. Pantum M6000 uses 300 MHz processor and 128 MB of memory which is used on a network printer. In the absence of a network feature, automatic workload this product becomes lighter so the impact on the ability of printing the race.
Download Driver Printer Pantum M6000
In terms of speed, the process of printing on print and copy functionality does look nimble. Only quality black color look less dense. Nonetheless, the results are still good when used to print text documents. In the copy function, this device produces black color is good, although the degradation of color density of the original document remains visible. As a scanner, you can produce color documents and black with a score fast time.
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