Download Driver Panasonic KV-SL1066

Panasonic KV-SL1066 Driver Download. The Panasonic Scanner KV-SL1066 is a great choice for offices with a high demand scans. Its speed is 65 pages per minute or 130 pages both documents front and back. With this Panasonic KV-SL1066 is able to scan long documents, business cards, badges and also other documents. The Panasonic KV-SL1066 scanner has the double feed prevention system, thus avoiding the machine to pull only one sheet at a time and keep the documents in the correct order.
Panasonic KV-SL1066 Scanner Driver Download
The scanner Panasonic KV SL 1066 features automatic feed tray for up to 100 sheets, optical resolution of 600 dpi, daily cycle of 5,000 pages, USB 2.0 connectivity and is compatible with the Windows 7 operating system, Windows 8/10, Windows Vista, Windows XP, Windows XP SP2 and Windows XP SP3. This scanner can speedily convert a large number of records into digital information, so it supplies delicate usage even in workplaces with many users. Scanning files into knowledge makes it possible to consolidate know-how, which improves work efficiency.
Panasonic KV-SL1066 Software Driver Download
Panasonic KV-SL1066 Driver Download
Download Scanner Driver Panasonic KV-SL1066
And it also lowers the rate of handling files and reduces the space wanted to store them. Prevents pages from being ignored when scanning. The Double-sided scanning of records from business-card size the entire method to A4 can also be accomplished with a single scan. Plus, double-sided scanning is done at the equal speed as single-sided scanning. This eliminates the must repeatedly flip the document over to the back and front to rescan and prevents pages from being overlooked when scanning.
Download Driver Scanner Panasonic KV-SL1066
The lively double-feed prevention curler reverses rotation the instantaneous that the leading record leaves the paper feed part to preclude the double-feeding of files that are caught together. The double-feed prevention roller unencumber mechanism is supplied. By means of switching the DFP curler lever, compound paper similar to carbonless replica paper can also be fed. When the double-feed prevention curler is released by way of the guide Feed Selector, the double-feed detection perform must be cancelled by using a software surroundings. When scanning a file manually, feed the file one set at a time.
These driver below also support to Panasonic KV-SL1056 / KV-SL1055 / KV-SL1036 / KV-SL1035
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