Download Driver OKI MC362DN

OKI MC362DN Driver Download. The OKI MC362dn is my choice to problems with various multifunction printers in my practice. Since early 2013 these printers the service with me. The printing is fast, printing was very pleasing, printing costs far cheaper than the competition and through the web-frontend without the oki-software for easy operation, in contrast to HP, the Oki software is good thoughtful and functional, and works at first attempt! I have with hp 6500A by tens installation try never to use functional scope, and expensive telephone toll burned for warranty service, but there was no one in my position to help!

OKI MC362DN Printer Driver Download
A very different the enclosed software at oki who tried to open any websites colorful or otherwise make any senseless proposals. just neat in the function without frills, but all that is needed. set on 3 calculators in house without problems. Therefore, my praise for oki ps .: now after half a year, prints as 10 – 20 per day and the ink cartridges still at 50%. I am still happy doing what it should. The printing is much better than the samsung laser in another house! even photos look really great, Iceland photos have very subtle shades, be ready to clean

OKI MC362DN Software Driver Download
OKI MC362DN Driver Download

Download Printer Driver OKI MC362DN
The functionality is extremely extensive, print quality and operating costs are very good for this price range. There are several manuals, there is some double and some not. Until now 1400 x has been printed in 3 weeks, without the slightest problem. However, the applications are all in English, what matters is not necessarily easier. It takes an awful lot of patience and time to figure out what that little machine can do. I think it would be a pity if the device one could facilitate the work, without knowing it, because that is certainly not the point of it, .. or?

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Download Driver Printer OKI MC362DN
Print, copy, scan everything goes fast and looks good, I have the box installed, but I\’m not sure if we can take advantage of the MEGA SUPER DUPER functions now, or not. It was anything but intuitive and for a layman, the something might makes every few years and no IT expert, engineer or e-technician is cumbersome and confusing. The \”Scan Settings\” on the other hand are well hidden in the menu on the device to find. I do not know if I\’m too stupid for the box and have tampered with the installation. But I can only etc. in \”Scan to Email\” find the elemntaren Settings \”color density\”, \”Document Type\”, \”background noise\”, \”Contrast\”, \”Saturation\” area and change.


Support driver: Oki MC362/Oki MC362w/Oki MC362DN

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