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OKI C711DN Driver Download. I\’ve simplest been using this for a pair weeks however can share my preliminary impressions. I purchased this for my small industry considering that I wanted to be competent to do a number of matters: print on envelopes and thick card some thing that many laser printers are not able to do because they do not have a straight feed, print in laser ink so I could do postage and envelopes with out the ink going for walks when wet, print lovely excellent first-class/decision, duplex mode, and a couple of separate paper feeds. I\’m going to in brief comment on every category:
OKI C711DN Printer Driver Download
Envelopes and card: I\’ve printed both substances and it seems to work lovely good. Through adjusting the paper form I was once able to get card to come out without so much curl just ~1 inch at the end. This would possibly not sounds first-rate however the different straight feed printer i tried became the paper into a roll good enough. I\’m exaggerating a little bit. I am somewhat disillusioned within the thickness of card that i will be able to print on. Caveat is that this printer can on the whole manage thicker card than nearly every other printer in the class so it can be extra a reflection on my expectations, but I used to be amazed that I wasn\’t in a position to print on a cardstock that used to be in regards to the thickness of a dime.
OKI C711DN Software Driver Download

OKI C711DN Driver Download

Download Printer Driver OKI C711DN for Window, Mac and Linux
Laser & resolution: examine – I is indeed a laser printer, though i haven\’t established the ink with water. The resolution is pretty good. There was a clear obvious change between the opposite laser printer i attempted. With the OKI there used to be just about a gloss on the black that appeared really official. Word that this is not going to examine to most inket printers. After I seem intently on the print i will see the imperfections. Duplex: i have not used this largely nevertheless it seems to work. One thing i do not like is that the duplexer stands proud of the back (about a four\” rectangle alongside the complete width), whereas the other printer I used had it developed in internally.
Download Driver Printer OKI C711DN
Two Feeds: I really appreciate this selection, which could also be more than the wishes of most men and women. What i am ready to do is open the front media tray and put both envelopes or card stock in. The bottom/essential tray has traditional letter paper. I will then, from my pc and with no messing with printer buttons, ship either an envelope or a letter to the printer at any time. For my SMB I wanted to be equipped to print packing slips and envelopes without needing to go to the printer in between, and this seems to be completely supported with the OKI settings. It even has a environment to print first on the media tray after which on the normal tray, so I might have a single file with each files if need be.
Support driver: OKI C711N – OKI C711DN – OKI C711DTN – OKI C711WT
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