Download Driver Netgear WNA3100M

Netgear N300 (WNA3100M) Driver Download. I tested the mini USB wireless adapter (Wifi) Netgear WNA3100M 100FRS N-300 Nano Single band. This article was provided to me by the letter of the Amazon Testers. That\’s good because even though my desktop PC is equipped with Ethernet, I will soon be moving and I plan to use my Smartphone WiFi connection to surf the internet while waiting for the moving of my box.
And according to config the apartment, it is also possible that the Ethernet cable is more ideal, so I need to test a WiFi connection on my desktop PC, but I need an adapter. This is done with the N300 (WNA3100M) Netgear. It has a good range for web browsing, email, online chats, voice and simultaneous download music and games online. By cons, it will be a little low for larger homes or more stages and it will not avoid interference.
Download Driver Netgear N300 (WNA3100M) 100FRS
This reference should allow me nevertheless to meet my needs. Besides, I am writing via WiFi connection for my smartphone and although it\’s a bit slower, because the flow is not the same at the base that my box, it\’s still acceptable. It costs less than € 20 on Amazon, it\’s not very expensive and it is a good brand. By cons, it has a nano size, which is quite small, which is good. But for utiisation on a laptop, it\’s still a little big. However, there are not many laptop without built-in WiFi connection …
Note that the installation is simple, you first insert the CD, install the drivers and then install the key. I installed behind the PC to keep the front USB free. Despite the reviews, this adapter works with my PC with Windows Seven 64-bit with 4GB of RAM. I have not encountered any problems.
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