Download Driver Netgear G54/N150 USB Wifi Adapter

Netgear G54/N150 Driver Download. USB wireless adapter – Netgear G54 / N150, 150 Mbps, black color. Connect to the Internet anywhere with NETGEAR G54 / N150. Connect to the Internet anytime, anywhere. The compact and portable USB wireless adapter NETGEAR G54 / N150, is now possible. Travel carefree logging in to the WiFi hotspots you find in the canine, or move around home, while consultations your email or surf the Internet. The options are limitless.
How does it work? Very easy. Because it incorporates the latest in wireless connectivity, simply plug your USB adapter to the USB port of your laptop. And with a transfer rate of 150 Mbps, its diminutive size allows it can use both laptop and desktop computers.

Netgear G54/N150 USB Wifi Adapter Driver Download

Download Driver Netgear G54/N150 USB Wifi Adapter
It is also very easy to install, thanks to NETGEAR genie software and provides a secure connection to the Internet through your button Push \’N\’ Connect. That nothing restricts your movements with NETGEAR G54 / N150!
The micro USB wireless adapter G54 / NETGEAR N150 is perfect for connecting your laptop to Wi-Fi® hotspots while on the go. It supports the latest wireless connectivity and its small size makes it almost imperceptible when you plug into the USB port of your laptop. Wireless-N connection for basic Internet applications like surfing the web, send emails and more. Push \’N\’ Connect offers a secured wireless Internet connection at the push of a button. Connection to Wireless-G or Wireless-N network offers flexibility in seamless connections. Pricing and availability: Please note That All prices are subject to change without prior notice. Advertised prices on this site are for online orders only. The few items differ from those advertised in stores. Not all merchandise is available in stores and not all stores participate in all sales promotions. Contact the store to confirm product availability and price.
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