Download Driver Mustek A3 1200HS

Mustek A3 1200HS Driver Download. The Mustek A3 1200HS is an A3 documents. Granted, the Mustek A3 1200 HS is not exactly small with a length of 55.5, a width of 38.3 and a height of 8.8 centimeters. But it can digitize documents and images up to the format DIN A3 with an optical resolution of 1200 x 1200dpi and an interpolated of 9600 x 9600 dpi.

Mustek A3 1200HS Scanner Driver Download

It does this quite quickly, as confirmed by reviewers on the Internet: It creates an A3 color page with a resolution of 300 dpi, according to the manufacturer in 3.5 seconds. The Mustek scanner connects to the computer via the USB port. Since it works with a contact image sensor (CIS), it needs only a little power and obtains it via the computer. Unfortunately, such a contact image sensor only reaches a smaller depth of field than a CCD sensor, which is used in some scanners.

This may be noticeable when scanning thick books: text that is near the book fold may then be slightly out of focus. For users, who usually only scan text documents, graphics or photos, this should not be a problem. Unfortunately, the scanner can only be operated when the computer is switched on.

But then the functions Copy, PDF Generate and OCR are available via the manager software. Previous customers who have already reviewed the Mustek on the Internet, therefore express themselves mainly satisfied with the available for about 250 euros, but complain about the included image editing software. However, according to customer opinion, the OCR software works well with which text documents can be converted directly into Word files.

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Download Scanner Driver Mustek A3 1200HS

According to the manufacturer, the Mustek works well with computers that have the Mac OS and Windows operating systems, including the new Windows 10 installed. Anyone who wants to scan pictures or individual documents will be served well with the Mustek; However, if you often need to scan or copy multi-page documents, you should consider using an automatic multi-feed (ADF) scanner instead.

However, these are generally much more expensive or can only scan documents up to A4 size. Mustek A3 1200HS is very useful for me and only the awkward to use software leads to a point deduction, because in contrast to the speed of the scan, the further processing (converting / batch conversion) is a time waster.

This scanner helps to measure A3 drawings in A3 size. Not dissapointed at all with my purchase! I work for a PR company. The Mustek A3 1200HS scanner helps me to scan pictures, magazines or papers in A3 size. It’s amazing, save me so much waiting time. The scanner is really fast and works very well under Windows 8.1. Even the OCR works without questions foolproof. Of course, the Twain driver for gradation curves etc. does not work on Windows 8.1.

Under Windows 7 but already. If you want to be quick, how we want to scan scores or convert text directly into Word files, or if you want to scan a picture with standard settings and do not want to set any parameters (except dpi), then this scanner is ideal and unreservedly recommended.


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