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Logitech G703 Gaming Mouse Driver Download. This Logitech G703 is a mouse that I have been able to test extensively in the last month, I have used it for gaming, work, etc. and I must admit that it turned out to be one of my favorite mice, so much so that it ousted my previous mouse, which in the last 4 years was still faithfully. serving. I can summarize the merits of this mouse in a few simple words below!

Logitech G703 Drivers & Download

Logitech G703 Ergonomic: (my hand was used to the Logitech g602, so I don\’t deny that the transition from my beloved mouse to this one scared me, when I switched from Roccat Kone XTD to G602 it took 3 months to get used to it, it was traumatic, but once I got used to the G602 became a day dream, I would have expected a passage also suffered, but this G703 I must admit that it turned out to be one of the most comfortable mice tested so far).

Logitech G703 Precise: (In gaming I have never tried such a sensor, it manages to track the smallest of my movements and reproduce it perfectly on the screen, let\’s talk about wild lands, a war game in which I prefer the use of sniper rifles , with this mouse, I can compensate the movement of the aim literally to the millimeter, I can compensate for shots of more than 600 meters with an accuracy that borders on the improbable, it seems to have your hand not on a mouse, but on the rifle at the inside the game, even when I use the mouse on the bed covers it doesn\’t miss a beat, the sensor of this mouse really left me amazed).

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Logitech G703 Fast / slow at the same time: (I use the mouse with a DPI that varies between 3000 and 4800, and I would therefore have expected not to be able to manage a similar level of cursor speed and yet even during the most gaming sessions excited I must admit that the mouse is able to follow me perfectly, even when I use the 400dpi for precision sessions during the fps the mouse is precise and fast in the passage from 3000-4800 dpi to 400 and vice versa)

Logitech G703 Infallible: (currently in every game session, using this mouse has been a real pleasure, moreover both the use with the wire and without it is perfect, usually instead when you play with the wire the performances are always better, but Logitech has taken wireless technology to such a level that you will not feel the slightest lack of wire and will only connect it to recharge the battery)

Logitech G703 Incredible autonomy: (In this regard, the battery with which the mouse is equipped lasts several weeks of intense gaming without showing the slightest sign of failure, in a month I recharged it only once but for personal peace of mind rather than necessity, also this mouse is equipped with a really good wireless charging technology, just buy the power play mat and you will no longer have to worry about having to connect the mouse to the wire, even if the mat has a really excessive cost).

Logitech G703 Software

The Logitech G703 mouse has 6 buttons, but only 5 are effective, one, located behind the wheel is used exclusively for the dpi cycle, while 3 are the usual buttons, right and left of the mouse and wheel, while the side buttons are placed on the left side so as to make it easy to use with the thumb, this however makes it a mouse exclusively for right-handed users.

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The Logitech G703 mouse is weightless so you can\’t balance it according to your preferences, but it\’s neither too light nor too heavy, which is very useful for those who love a balanced mouse. Finally, the Logitech G703 software you will need to use to configure this Logitech mouse is called (LOGITECH G HUB), do not download the Logitech gaming software as the mouse will not be recognized and like me you will think that there is something wrong.

One last note that I care about but that has nothing to do with the review. Having been invited to participate in a program I receive free products to review, the products do not belong to me, but I test them in order to be able to guarantee you a more informed purchase to avoid wasting your time if the item presents defects or problems such as to make you dissatisfied. I use a lot of my free time to help you in your purchases with these reviews of mine and, I wanted to emphasize that each of my reviews is in no way conditioned by third parties, but completely objective.

Logitech G703 Software Download & Drivers


Logitech G703 Manual PDF

Mac OS Software:

Logitech Gaming Software for Mac

Logitech G HUB Mac OS

Windows Software:

Logitech Gaming Software for Windows 32-bit – Download

Logitech Gaming Software for Windows 64-bit – Download

Logitech G HUB Software- Download

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