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Logitech G502 Gaming Mouse Driver Download. Got this Logitech G502 in a new condition from a third party seller who confirmed to me that the product was new and flawless, with only the box open, and so it was.

The Logitech G502 mouse is fantastic, precise, quality, ergonomic and comfortable for both palm grips and fingertip grips (not for left hand), with 11 fully customizable buttons using the excellent software, with settable DPI from 200 to 12000 (in steps of 50), with the special weights to adjust its handling, with rgb lighting in short, it is an excellent mouse of excellent quality, I am not going to elaborate on the features that make it magnificent, because there are already countless reviews and video-reviews that they praise the qualities.

Logitech G502 Drivers & Download

The aspect on which I will dwell is only one, that is the only defect of this mouse: the wheel. At first glance it seems exceptional and we are under the illusion that it will not give problems of any kind, also thanks to the excellent feature of the button to change from the infinite scroll mode to the jerky mode and in fact in the jerky mode it is perfect and not no problem, since this mode is mainly used in games, those who use it exclusively or almost to play will have no problems.

Logitech G502 problems begin to arise once you switch to infinite scrolling mode, which is mainly used for common use, that is to use the operating system, programs and to browse the internet: in fact in this mode the wheel is simply unusable , it is too sensitive and too \”loose\”.

This essentially creates two problems: it makes the annoying noise when you move the mouse quickly sideways, due to the wheel itself hitting the plastics, and more importantly it scrolls the page by itself when you move the mouse a little more abruptly or just when he lifts his finger from the wheel (this shows how exaggeratedly sensitive he is).

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This huge defect is not only of my specific product because from the various video reviews I have seen that the hyper-sensitive free wheel in the fidget spinner style is a \”feature\” of the model and then reading in various forums I have seen that many complain of the same problems with the wheel .

So I was about to ask for the return (as many have done), because the free mode is too important for me, the jerk mode I only use in games, and for common use it is not good in my opinion, too noisy and slightly too hard.

Logitech G502 Software Download

When I was almost resigned to the return, I happen to see a video on youtube of someone who had solved the problem by inserting a piece of scotch tape in the housing of the wheel, between the wheel itself and the adjacent plastic then I determined to give it a try before return.

I took a piece of black electrical tape (color suitable for the mouse), about a centimeter, folded it making it stick to itself and inserted it next to the wheel. I did not believe my eyes, I was amazed! All the problems of the wheel in free mode were magically solved! Not only did it no longer make the noise with lateral movements but not even the scrolling alone due to excessive sensitivity when lifting the mouse or finger from the wheel, in practice the wheel has become as it should have been, that is, perfect.

Now, I know that a $ 60 mouse shouldn\’t have such a defect (which is why I give 4 stars instead of 5) and I fully understand those who make the return, but if you have the wheel problem and like me you like this mouse too much or you cannot return for any reason, I strongly recommend that you use this small and simple trick.

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There are no contraindications or downsides, the piece of electrical tape in there is not seen at all and does not give any discomfort (over time you will forget that it is there), the jerky mode works as before and the free mode is now literally and miraculously perfect, the side buttons on the wheel also work and if you want the piece of electrical tape you can easily remove it with a needle or tweezers, so it does not even invalidate the warranty.

Here are the \”Logitech G502 Specifications\” of the duct tape that I used definitively:

  • – The length: just under the length of the wheel housing.
  • – The height: about half a centimeter already folded in order to eliminate the sticky sides.
  • – The finishing: a small triangle cut out in the center of the base to make it fit perfectly to the axis of the wheel.

So the question I ask you is: why give up such a fantastic mouse, perhaps falling back on a less beautiful model with fewer features, when with a banal and very simple trick you can definitively solve the Logitech G502 problem.

Windows Logitech G502 Driver & Software Download

Logitech G502 LightSpeed Manual PDF

Logitech G502 Gaming Software for Windows 32-bit – Download

Logitech G502 Gaming Software for Windows 64-bit – Download

Logitech G502 G HUB Software Download

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