Download Driver Logitech G300s Gaming Mouse

Gaming Logitech G300s Mouse Driver Download. After a Logitech (> 10 years lifespan) and then a cheap gaming mouse (2 years lifespan) now a Logitech again, because they seem to be more durable. The mouse is quite small, but if you get used to it, you can use it well. The 3 profiles and the additional buttons that you don\’t accidentally press while surfing are nice. All in all this Logitech G300s a wonderful mouse that keeps all promises it makes. I will recommend everyone without hesitation.

Logitech G300s Drivers

I bought this mouse as the successor to my 9 year old Razer Lachesis and I am very satisfied. For a left-hander like me it is extremely comfortable, the thumb pit allows perfect control, especially for people who tend to work in the upper DPI range, and the additional buttons on the top instead of in the thumb pit prevent accidental slipping when clicking.

The optical sensor is precise, the mouse pointer does not jump or shake, and all buttons work perfectly and precisely. If you work without a mouse pad, you may have more success with a mouse with an IR sensor, but personally I didn\’t have any problems with 2500DPI either. In any case, for its price, the hardware of the G300s is worth the money.

All nine buttons are indeed programmable and three different profiles are stored directly in the mouse, but the options are reduced if you are not using the Logitech software. Not a problem for me, but maybe unexpected for others.

The only thing I had to get used to is that the primary and secondary mouse buttons don\’t protrude beyond the front of the mouse, but rather have a rim at the front end. I grabbed my old mouse very far in front and let my index and middle fingers hang over the edge, now I have to click with my fingertips. Again, no problem for me, just a little strange, and maybe not the right thing for people who let their palm rest on the mouse.

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Aside from the two points mentioned, which are more personal preference than actual problems, there is really no reason not to at least shortlist this mouse if you need a new mouse anytime soon. The Logitech G300s mouse came in normal packaging and was ready to use. In order to use the mouse at its best, however, you should download the Logitech Gaming Software, as you can use it to configure the buttons on the mouse.

I\’ve used the Logitech G300s mouse every day for a week and was always so surprised how good it feels in my hand. I\’m really not exaggerating, it just feels very, very good in the hand. You can change the light on the side through the Logitech software, which I personally think is very good. The only thing that bothers me about the mouse is that it automatically trembles sometimes.

I\’m doing something in Adobe After Effects and have to cut out a figure then the mouse sometimes shakes so that I have to readjust. I don\’t know if this is my mousepad, my hands or the mouse, but I haven\’t had that on any mouse before. All in all, I think the Logitech G300s is a good to very good gaming mouse that is very easy to hold. I recommend it to every gamer or non-gamer. So this is the Logitech G300s driver and software.

Download Logitech G300s Drivers

Logitech G300s – Logitech Gaming Software Download – File Size: 119.4 MB

Software Version: 8.82.151 – OS: Windows 8, Windows 7, Windows 10

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