Download Driver Linksys AE1000 WLAN USB Stick

Linksys AE1000 Driver Download. I need this stick for the control of a digital mix via an iPad. After I tried four different WLAN-Sticks from other manufacturers, this was the only one that worked immediately without a driver installation. The stick is good. Together with a Linksys E4200 it seems to work smoothly, on my Debian system the network manager shows a constant speed of 270 Mb / s, the tested data throughput is approx. 10 MB / s and remains constant.
Linksys AE1000 WLAN Driver Download
The driver for the Linux kernel is easy to compile and to download on the page of Ralink. The chipset is RT3572. Of course you can write about how and with which system the stick works, but I do not want that. I as a layman could plug him into my computer and already ran everything. The WLAN router is about 15m behind a brick wall. The reception quality is interpreted as \”Outstanding\” by Window 7. Internet access is stable.
Linksys AE1000 USB WLAN Driver Download
Download Driver Linksys AE1000 WLAN USB Stick

Download WLAN Driver Linksys AE1000
I was looking for a WLAN adapter with the support of the 5GHz band, because in my environment some 2.4GHz band, including my, fumble. This Linksys AE1000 installation and configuration was simple and went accordingly fast. The WLAN adapter keeps the connection against a Cisco / Linksys E3000 (initially with original firmware, now with DD-WRT) stable and without murmuring. So far so good! Where I do not come is that the router in none of the tapes a connection over 144 MBit / s comes to the router.
Download Driver WLAN Linksys AE1000
This is in so far as can be painful, since the rest in my LAN is not faster, but it is not true. But, I do not know, of course, whether the WLAN adapter or the router is guilty. Conclusion Linksys AE1000 the first step I do not ask any more, especially since the WLAN adapter with EUR 20, is also favorable.
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