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Lexmark Genesis S815 Driver Download. Lexmark Genesis S815 After everyone turns around, looks so unusual multi-function device. But the device is not only visually but also technically accents. Multifunction Printers Lexmark Genesis S815. What a special holding the multifunction device Lexmark Genesis S815 except the extravagant design ready yet. In conventional scanners, a motor moves a quiet whirring scan line that moves under the glass plate with the template and line by line scans it. In contrast, in Genesis makes a digital camera. Two flash lights illuminate the template in quick succession in red, green and blue. The image sensor converts the reflected light into electrical signals, and the image processor sets the three color prints together into one image. This works in the test very quickly – after about three seconds the scan is finished, and the preview image appears on the screen.
Lexmark Genesis S815 Printer Driver Download
The results are generally accurate, but the level of detail is somewhat low. Reason: Lexmark has limited the scan resolution to 300 ppi (pixels per inch, pixels per inch). The good thing is the smaller file size: An A4 photo is only 1.8 megabytes in size, with 600 ppi, it would, however, have 16 megabytes. As with other flatbed scanners also exist in Genesis a glass. Then insert individual sheets and photos, but also magazines and books. Unusual: The glass is not located horizontally in the housing but almost vertical. To ensure nothing slips down, below there is an edge and above a terminal strip.

Lexmark Genesis S815 Software Driver Download

Download Driver Lexmark Genesis S815

Download Printer Driver Lexmark Genesis S815
Lexmark Genesis S815 Design and Technology: Print: speed, quality and cost. The Genesis S815 sets when printing out a brisk pace. Above all graphics and photos, the device at very high speed printing. Black text is strong and clean, color pages and photos are also decent. However, the ink costs are often very high: Four cents for a one-page letter are acceptable, but 29 cents for a website with color pictures and text, or 47 cents for a 10×15 photograph are much too expensive. XL cartridges reduce costs by about a quarter.
Download Driver Printer Lexmark Genesis S815
Great Features! Connecting the S815 via USB or Wi-Fi to your PC or print photos without computer support. There is a memory card reader and a second USB port for USB flash drives and digital cameras with PictBridge technology. Select the photos easily on touch screen with which to control the many functions of the device and the fax. The Lexmark Genesis S815 is extravagant prints quickly and well, offers decent performance when scanning, copying, faxing and can be connected via Wi-Fi with the PC. The new scanning technology is reflected in the price, but uniquely fast.

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