Download Driver LabelRange LP620 Thermal Label Printer

 LabelRange LP620 Driver Download. LabelRange LP620 is a Direct Thermal Label Printer 4×6\’\’. Dependable and Low Maintenance That Make Work Easier  LabelRange LP620 is a direct thermal label printer that offers real convenience and quality printing.Once you complete the 1-minute initial setup,you can always depend on it printing when you need it to since thermal technology is no ink no toner required.It delivers 300DPI high resolution,whether you want to print barcodes, texts or graphics in high quality, this machine will address your needs.The right equipment for any business who needs a handy, high quality print and economical label printer.Great for barcodes, labeling, mailing, filing, shipping, and more.
I first noticed the label writer in the TV commercial. At the beginning I was a little skeptical whether the operation was really as easy as described. When I saw this offer with the great price/performance ratio.

LabelRange LP620 Driver & Software Download

When the labelrange arrived, the software was installed and the printer connected. The software could be installed without any problems and the printer was recognized immediately.
An add-on for Word will also be installed. However, I haven\’t tried this yet. therefore the following description refers to the software. This is very easy to use. The corresponding labels can be selected on the left and this can be edited on the right. The software is suitably quite extensive. You can enter texts, symbols, your own images, barcodes and much more and arrange them as you wish. Then press print and the label comes out of the printer quickly. The templates created can also be saved.

Now to the LabelRange LP620 printer Driver:

Attaching the label roll to the printer roll is easy and self-explanatory. Placing it in the printer cost me a little more time the first time. Unfortunately, this was not described so well in the instructions. Here the roll has to be slightly inserted into the front of the printer and then the button on the front of the printer must be pressed so that the roll is drawn in. In order to get the roll out again later, there is a small button in the printer that ejects the roll backwards. If you keep this in mind, everything goes very quickly and easily.
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