Download Driver Kyocera TASKalfa 3510i

Kyocera\’s TASKalfa 3510i Driver Download. The brochure says how great the device is. In this review is what the device can not. 1. Without the document feeder, the machine is not really useful as a copier. When copying a sheet, the machine does not accept any more copy jobs until the complete job is copied. In plain English: You want to make 50 copies of one template, then 40 from the next and then maybe 30 from the next template. It works like this: scan the first sheet, wait for 50 copies, place the next original, scan the sheet, wait for 40 copies, scan the third and wait for the 30 copies.


Kyocera TASKalfa 3510i Driver Download

If you find this a bit longer while reading, imagine this in real-time! My old copier took (I have never maxed out) a lot of copy jobs in a row and then worked them off well. The Kyocera can not do that. The hotline: For istv not thought. The memory is too small for that. It should work with the document feed. I did not try that. The document feeder costs 300 € in addition. I will probably not be able to afford the purchase if I want to use the device normally.

Copy duplex is not alone for this reason. For the other reasons in the next point. 2. The duplex unit (about 170 €, but is also only a plastic part, the production of which will not cost 10 €), I have done. I had the expectation so that one could copy and print a duplex. What nonsense to accept that! I\’m ashamed to have thought so. Copying is not possible (see above) Printing did not work either. After installing the software and setting appropriate checkmarks in click fields, it still was not.

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After 2 hours of trying, I called the Kyocera hotline. There I first learned, I have the Taskalfaserie no manufacturer\’s warranty, but only a dealer warranty. Aha! And the decisive factor: The duplex printing function must be enabled by a technician in the service menu. The Kyoceramitarbeiter explains to me that he can not tell me and may, how to do it.

Kyocera\’s TASKalfa 3510i Driver s & SoftwareDownload
Download Driver Kyocera\'s TASKalfa 3510i
Download Kyocera\’s TASKalfa 3510i Driver

You can find the technical manual for the Taskalfa 1800 on the Internet. You have to enter two code numbers on the keyboard and click \”On\”. This is of course too complicated for a customer! 3. Kyocera offers the device by default without template cover or document feeder. The safety instructions state that the device should be set up so that the scanner\’s light is out of the operator\’s field of vision. How to look without template cover / feeder not in the scanner light, whether the manufacturer knows one? I do not think so. That the manufacturer all know that you have to buy the document feeder, I believe it already. Well you have to give at least one star. Well, the first 1500 copies did not have a paper jam. After switching on, you can quickly make the first copy. He is pleasantly quiet. Of course for such devices? With this device, I am happy about every little comment that he then fulfills.

My advice: do not fall for the promises. Addition and correction: Contrary to the information of the Kyocera hotline there is the function \”multiple scan\” somewhere in the menu. This makes it possible to scan several copy jobs directly one after the other. I could award another star for that. For the information of the hotline employee, \”this is only possible via the client tool from the PC, but the memory is too small.\” , I remove the new star directly. With the multiple scan function and pressing the Duplex key (if the duplex unit is installed!) Also duplex copy is possible. Also for this another star! Oh yes in the manual is \”only with document feeder\”. So – flutsch – this new star is gone again. Overall, the device is better than described above. But what a customer-unfriendly mess!

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