Download Driver Kyocera FS-4100DN

Kyocera FS-4100DN Driver Download. I bought the printer as a successor 3920DN. We now use the 4200dn with an additional cassette and now 1GB Memory. As the successor of a printer (3920) one expects substantial improvements, however, except for a very good design, they do not exist, in my view.
The design is in my view the positive aspect look if you\’re already used to Kyocera quality. What bothers enormously, and I can not understand the other is the volume of the printer. The 3920 has 52dB of 4200 has already 54dB, is so much louder. The printer is so incredibly loud that it is an absolute no-go for an office printer, unless one puts him in the basement.

Kyocera FS-4100DN Printer Driver Download

In contrast to 3920 the 4200DN needs a whopping almost 30 seconds until it prints the job, which is much faster 3920th Since the printer can be as fast as he wants (50 pages / min) wait about 30 seconds is too much. The 3920 is the same port much faster. I have to show that, made a video. At 7 sec I started the job, at 35 he starts to roar and then print. I could be the printer off again, I\’d want him immediately who was worlds better 3920th. Can make such a printer to the office only someone very very very little printed. In my view, the volume from Chill forth like a Saeco coffee grinder in operation, if it has permanently can not stand it.

Kyocera FS-4100DN Software Driver Download

Kyocera FS-4100DN Driver Download
Download Printer Driver Kyocera FS-4100DN
For drawer should be mentioned that in contrast to the 3920er drawer an additional mechanism was installed in 4200, a handle with which you can open the drawer by pressing. Why must you do that so complicated and installing a vulnerable mechanics? We need the tray open very often and see it coming that the mechanics on strike. One does not deteriorate a maintenance-free system through a nonsensical change yet. The first drawer we had moved the paper does not correctly, now, after the exchange it runs flawlessly.
Download Driver Printer Kyocera FS-4100DN
Now, after 100,000 pages printed, the printer makes terrible noise. A massive grinding the back comes from the duplex unit. Furthermore, a less noise when you turn the printer off and he is warming up. But it is really strong mechanical noise from the additional paper cassette when new (500 sheets) of paper inserts and he positioned it. As at the time of opening of the new suspects makes the printer tray women problems. One does not have as formerly simply pull on it but first press a mechanism. It does tremendous blows if you forget that.
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